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How to dye hair pastel red with Kool Aid

To dye your hair a lovely pastel red shade, you could try out Kool Aid. The cherry Kool Aid has strong pigment that will stain the hair and make the shade last for about a week or two. So why not give it a go?

For best results you should have light coloured hair for this. With darker tones the pigment will not stain as well, and it will only create disappointment.

What you need for dyeing hair with Kool Aid

  • 3 packs of cherry Kool Aid powder
  • Hair conditioner
  • A bowl
  • Gloves
  • Plastic wrap
  • An old t-shirt
  • (optional) vaseline

Preparations before dyeing

To avoid staining your skin with Kool Aid, you can take a bit of vaseline and apply it on your forehead and ears. Vaseline will protect your skin from being stained by the pigment.

Be sure to wear an old t-shirt or a towel that you won’t regret staining with red dye.

Mixing the Kool Aid dye

Take the bowl and pour all three Kool Aid packages in it. When you’ve got longer hair (more than 14-16 in long) then you could end up needing more Kool aid powder.

Add a soup spoonful of water into the powder and mix it in. Then add the conditioner to the mixture. You should add about 1-2 cups of it, until the mixture becomes smooth and has a creamy consistency.

Applying the Kool Aid dye

Put on the gloves and section your hair into 4 parts: 2 sections on top, 2 in the bottom. Start with the bottom sections of your hair, applying more dye onto the roots and middle, gradually moving towards the tips.

Once you’ve finished, take the plastic wrap and wrap it around the hair. This way you will keep heat in the hair and the dye, making the dye stain better.

If possible you should let the dye set for about 1-3 hours, after which you can rinse your hair with cold water. If you use hot water then the dye will start washing out immediately, undoing all of the work you just put into it.

Aftercare tips

Try to avoid exessive styling and applying heat onto the hair. Any kind of excessive heat will lighten the new tone, which will make the shade fade fast.

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