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How to detangle and repair synthetic hair


If you’ve got an old synthetic hair wig, and it’s a pure mess, then don’t throw it out just yet. It might surprise you, but you can actually revive the hair and wear it again.

How to repair a synthetic wig

To wash the wig, here’s what you need:

  • A big bowl to wash your wig in
  • Fabric soap
  • Fabric conditioner

The best friend of a synthetic wig is fabric conditioner. When your wig is a complete tangled mess, you want to get a bowl and fill it with lukewarm water. Next thing you need to do is to add a cup of fabric soap and a bottlecap of fabric conditioner, then mix them together.

Dip your wig into that mix and make sure that it’s completely covered. You can also add other wigs in there, but I wouldn’t recommend mixing light tones with colorful ones. The colours can run very easily and you’ll lose the lighter tones.

Another thing I would like to note is about the fabric soap. Any kind of washing powder would be good as well, the purpouse of it is to take out any hairspray or other products you have used on your wigs.

You should let them soak in there for about 4 hours.

Drying synthetic hair

Once you’ve given them a good wash and conditioning, you should let them air dry. Blowdrying synthetic hair will make them a nightmare to deal with, so please do not use a blowdryer to dry them.

How to detanlge a sytnhetic hair

The things you need are:

  • A hairbrush
  • A steamer
  • Curling irons or flat irons
  • Patience

Attach your wig somewhere where you can comb it and it will not move.

Divide your wig into sections, leaving about a small handful of hair per section.

Start combing yoru hair with your fingers, not with a hairbrush. With using a hairbrush you would be creating an extremely tangled mess, which would result with you throwing the wig away. When your fingers get stuck, try to gently open them without applying any exessive strenght. This is the most time demanding part, but you need to keep going until your fingers can run trough the section of hair without actually getting stuck anywhere. If you encounter any tough tangles that have formed into a ball, just cut them out. It saves you time and 1-5 strands of hair won’t make that much of a difference.

When your fingers run trough the hair without getting stuck, it’s time for the hairbrushing. Start with the ends, and move upwards. Do about 1-2 inches of hair at the time to avoid getting new tangles. The hair fill look absolutely terrible and fuzzy at first, but that’s normal. All you’re doing is getting the small tangles out.

Next you want to bring the steamer, or if you don’t have one – a flat ironer and something to lightly wet the hair with.

Detangling synthetic hair with a steamer

Take a section of hair, clamp the curling iron onto it, and apply the steam onto the hair above where the flat iron is. Slide downwards towards the end. By using the steam onto synthetic hair, you’re not damaging them at all. Steam does not damage synthetic hair.

It still wont look as you want it to after the first styling, so with the next turn you want to take out the flat iron, and put a brush underneath the section. Apply the steam onto the hair above the brush, while brushing downwards.

Detangling synthetic hair with a flat iron

As read above, use the same method but instead of steam, use a low heat flat ironer or a curling iron. You need to apply a bit of water onto the hair before using the flat iron.  It will be simple and fast.

Keep doing it until you get the smoothness that you’re okay with.

Another tip you can do is trim the ends of the wig. Cutting off half an inch would make your hair look fresher than with split ends that are fuzzy.

Synthetic wig care

Synthetic wigs do not require as much care as human hair do. They handle heat much better, not to mention general weather damage.

If your synthetic hair become dull, matte and start to smell odd then you can spray them with some furniture polish. Furniture polish generally is meant for wood and plastic, which is excellent to bring back the shine for synthetic hair since they practically are plastic.

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  1. I have alot of hair pieces. I keep buying more coz the ends are fuzzy. Is there a way I can restore them?

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