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Good Dye Young hairdyes

If you’ve thought about dying your hair bright and neon, or you’ve always loved unusual haircolors, then the Good Dye Young semi-permanent hairdyes are just for you. These dyes are known for their intense and vibrant colors, great pricing and of course

Once applied, some dyes tend to not stick the way they’re advertised out. But the GDY dyes turn out absolutely vibrant and bright. If your hair are too dark – they offer a lightening kit for a more intensive color. The lightening kit is a bleach that needs to be used prior to the dye for achieving the desired results.

The fading kit

But if your ideal shade is a pastel color – they have a fading kit! The fading kit needs to be mixed into the dye prior using it. For a more intense darker color, the “None more black” is recommended to be mixed into the dye.

The dye comes in a 4 ounce tube and it’s infused with  Bergamot, natural sunflower, and other conditioners that are nourishing. The dye claims to use a vegan and cruelty free forumla which is safe for all types of hair.

Semi-permanent hairdyes

  • The dyes that they offer right now are:
  • Ex-Girl – hot pink dye.
  • Narwhal – bright teal dye.
  • PPL Eater – Deep violet dye.
  • Steal My Sunshine – neon yellow dye.
  • Rock Lobster – Vibrant red dye.
  • Riot – Bright orange dye.
  • Blue Ruin – vibrant and bright blye dye.
  • Kowabunga – Strong green dye.
  • None More Black – Rich black dye.

The Good Dye Young Hair Makeup

But what if this isn’t your kind of commitment? They also offer HAIR MAKE UP ! This means that they have a 2.5 oz jar of paste that you apply onto your hair, and it dyes your hair temporarily bright. It washes out very quickly, which makes it convenient to those of us that aren’t too keen on keeping your hair pink or blue for a month. To add to the exitement – they glow under a blacklight!

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