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Coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil is famous for the effect that it has on hair, but do you know the full extent of what benefits it offers? We’ve gathered information and a bit of personal experience, then listed them here to satisfy your curiosity.

How to use coconut oil for hair?

Needless to say there’s an endless list of ideas how you can use coconut oil for health benefits. We’ve listed some of the most common uses of coconut oil for you right here on Hair-Bun.

Damaged hair and coconut oil

When you’ve bleached your hair, or are about to do that – use coconut oil on the hair. It locks a great amount of moisture into your hair, revitalizing them and protecting them. It assists your hair with reducing protein loss in the hair, being rich in lauric acids. You can use it on damaged hair, as well as healthy hair.

Locking moisture into the hair with coconut oil

Coconut oil is known for being rich in moisture, and being able to lock it into the hair. It also doesn’t allow any moisture to escape, therefore leaving your hair very soft by texture, which also helps to keep your hair strong and healthy.

Coconut oil for conditioning hair

It’s proven that coconut oil is a better conditioner than any synthetic product. Warming the coconut oil up only elevates the benefits that it offers. You could apply before going to sleep, wrap your hair in a towel (plastic bags make a whole lot noise when you turn in bed), and wash it out after you wake up in the morning. Repeat it 2-4 times a week to get strong, soft, healthy conditioned hair.

Getting rid of dandruff with coconut oil

The acids that coconut oil consists of can help you if you are having problems with dandruff. Regular use can help you with getting rid of dandruff forever, while anti-dandruff shampoos solve your problem for a certain period of time. By mixing sesame oil with coconut oil, you can also make a DIY remedy that goes a long way with moisturizing your scalp, and keeping the dandruff at bay. While you apply it, gently massage your scalp for best results.

Coconut oil and losing hair

Coconut oil has been in use for a long time for hair care. Especially noticeable is that it does help with hair loss, as a mixture of regular sage leaves mixed with coconut oil. It’s applied to the scalp, stimulating the hair follicles and also preventing hair loss. For best results, boil gooseberries and mix them with coconut oil, once it’s cooled down apply the mix onto your hair.

Styling hair with coconut oil

You can replace your styling products with only coconut oil, as it melts when applied heat and condenses when it’s cooled. As an example, when you apply it to your hair and give it some time to work the heat from your scalp melts the oil. Once the hair comes in contact with air, the oil hardens and works like a wax or a styling gel. But be sure not to put too much in, a little goes a long way!

Preventing and getting rid of lice with coconut oil

Having lice in your hair can be very embarrassing and traumatizing to people, so naturally the only thing you want to do is get rid of them as soon as possible. The shampoos and solutions that you can buy from a pharmacy contain a lot of chemicals that can damage your scalp, and another way is to comb the wet hair with a very tight lice comb, but we all know the golden rule of wet hair – don’t comb them or you’ll break them. But if you apply coconut oil onto the hair, massage it in and then comb it with the lice comb, the hair doesn’t break and combing the lice out is easier.

Caring for dry hair with coconut oil

If your hair happen to be easily breakable and very dry, then coconut oil is for you. Instead of using heavy chemical products or taking prescribed medication, you could apply coconut oil onto your hair and scalp before going to sleep, leave it there overnight and washing it out the morning after. It locks moisture into the strands and makes your hair feel softer by texture. You should do this approximately 2-4 times per week, over-doing it would mean your hair looking a bit greasy.

Frizzy and split ends and coconut oil

Needless to say, coconut oil can’t magically re-build the hair strand, but it can make the hair look a whole lot better. The only way to “cure” split ends is to chop them off, but if you’re in the stage of growing your hair out – consider using coconut oil. You could mix almond oil with coconut oil and apply it onto your split ends.

Sores and boils on the scalp

Some of us have had little boils and sores come up on the scalp, as the seasons change. Whether it’s from over-styling, sun damage or just the type of skin that is easily irritable (eczema, psoriasis). You can mix olive oil with coconut oil, heat it up just a little bit, and apply it onto your hair and your scalp. Make sure the mixture gets everywhere by gently massaging your scalp.

If the problem does not improve or gets worse, you should contact your GP or dermatologist.

Psoriasis and eczema with coconut oil

When your scalp is flaky and acting up, some of the hair can fall out due to scratching the scabs. There’s countless amounts of treatments out there for this, but something alternative that you can try is coconut oil. It contains great amount of moisture that would lock itself onto your hair and your scalp, with regular use your skin would get softer.

At first, expect more scabs to fall out than before. It’s going to look devastating, but think of the end result – once the scabs fall out your skin would be clear. It’s going to take time and patience, but there will be relief.

Also, I’d like to mention that this varies from person to person. As psoriasis and eczema are different for everyone, for some it can cause allergies, for others this might be okay. The only way to know is to test it out, really

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