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Foxy Locks Mahogany Deluxe 165g, 20″

The Foxy Locks Mahogany Deluxe hair extension set is certainly something to get excited about! They’re inexpensive and yet absolutely gorgeous. I decided to pitch in with our Hair-Bun team and  review one of my own hair extensions that I bought recently.

The quality

The Mahogany Deluxe set is of course 100% human hair and yes, they certainly are remy as well. They feel extremely soft and thick when in my hands. I tried them on just like that, but due to being packaged during shipping, they get some weird twists and turns into them, so I washed them before actually wearing them outdoors.

The color

These extensions would be nearest to tone #33, which is the dark auburn or very simply said dark red and brown mix. Match wise my own hair were a little too light, so I ended up toning them a bit darker to match the extensions. Even now my own hair a little lighter compared to the extensions, but the color difference isn’t that noticeable as before.

The thickness

Instead of getting the regular 125g set, I got the 165g set. For a full head a normal person would require about 100g of hair, which means 125g is a bit of extra volume. 165g on the other hand is absolutely elegant and adds so much thickness to my own hair that wasn’t there before.

The length

The mahogany extension set is 20 inches long, which is quite a lot when you’re a short person, haha! I’m only 5’4” so 20 inches of hair extensions reaches all the way down to my bellybutton. When they’re curled they reach to the bottom of my chest.

The styling

I had to wash them to get them a bit to give them a bit more volume before wearing them. A bit of GHD heat protection spray followed by the curling iron, gave the extensions the most beautiful look I could ever ask for. They blend in so naturally.


My rating for these Foxy Locks hair extensions is five stars out of five. They don’t cost as much as other hair extensions do, but the quality Foxy Locks offers is incredible. I’m really looking forward seeing how long will they last with good care and oil treatments, so I could write an update for you.

Hope this helped you!

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