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Foxy Locks Latte Blonde hair extensions, 125G, 18″

Needless to say Foxy Locks offers one of the best financially suitable hair extensions out there, and of course I decided to purchase them! The product that we have got is the Foxy Locks Latte Blonde hair extensions, so let’s get started!

Quality of the hair

The quality of the hair is the most important thing I always look at when shopping for extensions. I did a lot of research before ordering from Foxy Locks and honestly the world out there is stuffed with opinions. The foxy locks hair website describes these extensions as 100% Remy human hair. Remy means basically that all the hair cuticles are arranged in one direction. I think the quality of hair is the best since its tangle free, smooth and silky.

The colour

When I last ordered hair extensions online, the extension which was delivered on my doorstep was not exactly the color that I thought should have been. The color I ordered for foxy locks hair was “latte Blonde” which matches my natural hair perfectly. On the website it was a little hard to pinpoint the exact tone number of the hair extensions, as the info was not really added. But once they were in my hands, I have to admit that it’s a perfect tone match – lucky me!! Once again, here is another thumps up!

The thickness

I think the biggest discussion on foxy locks hair extensions should be on their thickness. These hair extensions are thick and glamorous enough. You can either use the 125g extensions or 165g extensions, but the range of the weight of the hair goes from 125g, 165g, 230g and finally reaching up to 280g. I went for the 125g extensions as my own hair are quite fine and don’t need much thickness. But let me tell you, there is no need to batter and bruise going for the 165g extensions because the 125g extensions are absolutely helpful and will achieve equally the same results. I thought they will look very thin on my head but was pleasantly surprised to see them look thick enough. Also, the 125g package doesn’t feel like it’s pulling on the hair, or that it’s too heavy.

The length

Although I always go for the 18 inch hair extensions, I was very much tempted to purchase the 20 inch ones. The only reason why I didn’t get them, is that I’d probably end up trimming them on my own and therefore creating a disaster.

The styling

With 125g hair extensions going out with straightened hair is a bold move. A little rain and/or wind would undo every straight strand that I spent an hour on. For the safest option I chose curls, lovely loose curls so it gives the hair a bit of a wave and as my own hair are naturally rebellious, they’d blend in a bit more.

The removal

Some hair extensions are a nightmare because of the removal process. Foxy locks hair extensions do not possess that feature what-so-ever. They are not only easy to maintain on the head but also easy to get them off your head in the right time without too much yawning.

I hope that you have found this review helpful if your thinking of purchasing some Foxy Locks extensions. I honestly believe that Foxy Locks extensions are one of the best extensions out there in the market because after using them, I haven’t found any avenue to complain much about.

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