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Foxy Locks Hair Platinum blonde 18“ 125g

Ordering and delivery of Foxy Locks hair extensions

I was so excited when my boyfriend gave me these extensions for my birthday in this January, since I’ve been watching them for a while and had them bookmarked on my laptop. He did not want to reveal to me how long they were in mail for, but on Foxy’s webpage it read for about up to 2 weeks. Either way I was ready to jump out of my skin!

The quality of Foxy Locks hair extensions

As you can imagine, 125g doesn’t sound much if you’ve got 20 inch hair extensions, but for 18 in hair extensions it’s not that bad. Also there’s 10 wefts in one package. They look quite thick and healthy, and have a good soft feel to them.  It was love from first sight.. And touch!


The color match of Foxy Locks hair extensions

Now i’ll admit my mistakes and put it out there straight away: I’ve bleached my hair beyond belief. My first times I did it by myself and at home, leaving a bit yellowish tone in the hair, and no amount of silver shampoo could get that out. But about three months ago I had my hair treated and bleached with Olaplex, and they were reborn.

That’s the story behind why I was ready to get hair extensions again, in the same bleach blonde tone, because before the healthiness of the extensions wouldn’t have matched my own hair.. Unless i styled them and fried them even further with heat. But now the color match is brilliant! They look exactly like my own hair, and the clips don’t show at all trough the hair.

The length of Foxy Locks hair extensions

I got a little bob going on, which is why I couldn’t go for 20 in hair extension set. It would have been too big of a length difference and blending would have been a nightmare. But the 18 in set for short hair is very easy to blend, without it looking funny.

The thickness of Foxy Locks hair extensions

125g is perfect for thinner hair in my opinion, when you don’t have that much to blend. My own hair are quite thin from the heavy damage I’ve put them trough over the years, and I think that the thickness is just perfect for me.

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