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Foxy Locks hair extensions Hollywood blonde

I got these Foxy Locks hair extensions back in August, 2017,  but due to heavy load of work I only got around reviewing them just now. Fortunately now I can give them a proper experience review, because I have been wearing them more or less every day, for work, school and social events with my friends and family.

The color I got them in was Hollywood blonde and at the time of purchase Foxy Locks had them in stock. I got them extensions about a week later, and my first impression was absolutely blown away. Perhaps it’s just me, but I love receiving hair extensions by mail! The first touch was so soft and all I wanted to do is wrap the hair around me. They look very healthy and have a thick feel to them. A few times i’ve seen my fellow writers here on HairBun get thick hair extensions, which put a strain on the scalp and end up hurting the wearer if worn troughout the day. But ofcourse the opposite is bad too – too thin extensions. They don’t blend in with your own hair and end up looking rather poor. These beautiful blonde Foxy Locks hair extensions are leaning towards being thinn-ER, but not quite. I do have fine hair myself and thats why I prefer my extensions seamless, they don’t look bulky that way and the connection points don’t show underneath my own hair.


The length of these hair extensions is 18 inches and yes, they’re made of real human hair. At this point I don’t even look towards the direction of synthetic hair. Some of the cheaper extensions are made of cheap hair with low quality, but the Foxy Locks hair extensions are defenitly remy hair, because they haven’t began tangling nor splitting after a month of wearing them on an almost-daily basis, haha. I’ve washed them three times now, with the Organic Prestige shampoo and conditioner, and they haven’t matted even a little bit so far.

They do match my hair rather well, although I have been dying my hair and therefore there’s a barely noticable shade difference, but it leaves a lovely fresh look to the hair, don’t you think?


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