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Foxy Locks Caramel Deluxe, 165g, 20 inches

Name: Caramel Deluxe

Weight: 165 g

Length: 20 inches

Colour: Light brown, ash brown – Caramel

Wefts: 10 wefts

Delivery of Foxy Locks Caramel

So far ordering extensions from Foxy Locks has been very satisfying, as the package comes normally within a week. They posted it the day after I ordered them and it arrived a week and 2 days after the posting.

Color match of Foxy Locks Caramel

If you want an honest opinion, then I’m a little bit upset. I chose the wrong tone, for the second time in my life. My hair are something between light brown to ash brown, and it’s very difficult to pick what’s the closest tone.

I’ve had extensions from Bellami hair before, and they were light brown-ish, during the time i was still dyeing my hair. Now as I’ve gone natural for the last 1,5 years, my hair are naturally a little bit darker, and due to the previous light colour they have a dip dye thing going on.

Anyhow I’m thinking about dyeing my hair – again. I feel terrible guilt about it because of being dye-free for so long, but then again I know I’m going to be excited about having a different look.


Weight of Foxy Locks Caramel

The advertised weight of the hair is 165g, the weight that my boyfriend’s kitchen scale show was 5.74 oz, which is about 162.7 grams. Despite the few grams of missing hair, the extensions still feel very thick in hand and when installed.

It does make me worry a bit that they seem to shed a good amount of hair when brushed.

Length of Foxy Locks Caramel

The extensions are 20 inches long, and they blend really well with my hair. I’ve always wanted to grow my layers out, but so far there has not been any success with doing that.

Final verdict

Would i recommend these for you to buy? Yes, because the price that Foxy Locks asks for them is reasonable for the quality you’d receive. I’m very happy with the Caramel extensions and definitely will be wearing them.


  1. Hi, I just ordered caramel at foxylocks myself. Can you tell me if they are ashi toned in real life, or are they more on a warmer side?

    • Hello! They have an ashy undertone to them, but I would say that they’re much more on the warmer tone side rather than ashy.

  2. How’d you tone them? I just ordered some also

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