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Dirty Looks Spaced Out Ombre


General info:

Name: Dirty Looks Spaced Out Ombre

Colour: Black to silver

Length: 22 inches

Weight: 200 g

Wefts: 10 clip in wefts; quad wefted (four wefts in one)

The quality of Spaced Out Ombre hair

The Spaced Out ombre extensions are very soft and easily brushed, I didn’t notice any shedding what so ever when I gave them the usual shedding-brushing test that we do here on Hair-Bun.

The hair feels quite heavy in hand, but as I put them in my hair they didn’t really stand out much weight wise. The hair spreads out evenly and you can’t see nor feel the clips when patting the hair. I really like these extensions and will be definitely wearing them as much as possible!

The color match of Spaced Out Ombre hair

My own hair is dyed black and quite wavy naturally so needless to say I was worried about the blending. When I straighten the hair, it stays straight for about an hour the longest until the frizziness sneaks back.

I clipped the hair in and I was surprised by the blending as it didn’t stand out as much as I thought it would. My hair is layered and quite long which made the ombre extensions look really cool. The hair reaches almost to the ends of the extensions, making the ombre look uneven and really beautiful.

The length of Spaced Out Ombre hair

The ordered length said 20-22 inches, but by measuring them myself I got 22 inches as the length of the longest hair. It’s really thick even at the ends, which I can imagine might feel uncomfortable if your hair is very thin or short. On my case they blend in quite well, the layered hair hides away that I’m wearing the extensions and it reaches down to my waistline.

I can imagine that if you had thin hair you would have them trimmed or thinned out just a bit from the ends so they would blend better with your hair.

The styling of Spaced Out Ombre hair

I ended up going with small curls/waves in the end of the hair. Let me know in the comments how you like it!



  1. Hi I bought these exact extensions and my own hair is already ombred black to grey and the extensions I received where not silver at all, more of a darky fair ombre. I’ve tried bleaching and toning them twice, the colour wont lift at all and they are still closer to brown than silver. Just wondering did you use any products to get this silver advertised? Thanks x

    • Heya! It looks a bit brighter due to a filter being applied, taking photos in a bad light is not the best idea but it does happen sometimes. When handheld the silver shade is a bit creamier than on these images, and they haven’t been dyed or lightened with any products. Hope this helped you!

  2. Hi,

    I am interested in these extensions but unsure if they will blend in with my natural hair my hair is 4 inches past my collarbone and it is a bit layered. I don’t want to have to dye my natural hair to match with the silver.


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