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Dirty Looks Stalker Worthy, 20in, 180g

Ordering and delivery of Dirty Looks hair extensions

I got these extensions 8 days after ordering them, since I ordered them on Friday night. Dirty Looks did send them out really fast, and the delivery took so little time. It would come in handy if you live in the US and want good hair extensions as soon as possible. Just don’t order them on a Friday night, hahaa.

The quality of Dirty Looks hair extensions

I’ve been snooping around for a while now to see what other people thought before I bought anything from Dirty Looks, and people have been praising them a lot.

When I first unpacked them, I was delighted by how lightweight they felt, despite still being very thick and rich looking.

The color match of Dirty Looks hair extensions

The Stalker Worthy is a chestnut brown #6 tone, but it shows a lot of dimension rather than being one blunt colour all over. I really loved the tone, although it’s a bit more darker than my own hair which would be around tone #8, medium ash brown-ish.

When I put them in, it does look a lot more deeper, like i’ve had highlights done and they grew out. Really loving the new look.

The length of Dirty Looks hair extensions

The Dirty Looks Stalker Worthy 20 in hair extensions are only about 2-3 inches longer than my own hair and they blend it so well! I really love how thick my hair became all of a sudden, yet it still feels quite lightweight.

The thickness of Dirty Looks hair extensions

The Dirty Looks extensions can be ordered in so many lengths and weights, but i got the 20 -22 inch set which came as 180 grams. I think it’s enough for my hair, as they’re much shorter and require more hair extensions to be blended in.

After the blending it did show my own hair a bit, but you couldn’t tell it’s my on hair unless you knew I’m wearing hair extensions.

Totally recommend you to try these out, too!

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