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Kanekalon braiding hair, black to silver, 24 in

Delivery of the Kanekalon braiding hair

I placed the order on the 2nd of march, 2016 and this Kanekalon braiding hair bundle was delivered to my doorstep on the 23rd of march, 2016. I did order it off Ebay and it was shipped from China, so a 20-day delivery is actually not that bad.

Details of the Kanekalon braiding hair

Name: Kanekalon braiding hair

Color: Black to silver/grey

Weight: 96 g

Length: 24 in

Quality of the Kanekalon braiding hair

My first impression of this braiding bundle is very positive, its soft and has a clean look to it. The ends are a bit fuzzy as they usually are, but as it’s synthetic hair then I really didn’t have that high expectations for it. The price of them fell under $5 which was very pleasant, and the shipping was free.

Colour of the Kanekalon braiding hair

As from the previous review about the black-to-pink kanekalon braiding hair bundle, you’re most likely already aware that my own hair are in some unknown shade of light brown, and that my plan for these extensions was to make braids all over my head. I’m making a mix of black-and-pink and black-and-silver braids. I am considering purchasing some black-to-greenish Kanekalon braiding hair as well, but so far I haven’t placed an order on anything.

kanekalon-braiding-hair-packaging kanekalon-hair-black-to-grey kanekalon-silver

Thickness of the Kanekalon braiding hair

The hair feel extremely thick and much better than my black-to-pink Kanekalon hair do. The disappointing fact is the weight of these hair. The advertised weight of the bundle is 100 grams, but as I weighed them by myself i got 95 grams only. Where’s my remaining 5 grams of hair? I wish I knew.

Length of the Kanekalon braiding hair

Just like my previous bundle this one is alo 24 inches long and 48 inches long when fully layed out. I’ve read that if you want to make the hair appear even, you should try to stretch them out by applying a small amount of force, but so far I haven’t really needed any of these tips.

You can also check out the review I wrote on the Black-to-Pink Kanekalon hair bundle on Hair-Bun.


I really like this bundle as well, it’s easily managed for braiding purposes and gives my own hair a much more interesting look. Would I recommend you to buy this? Yes, I would.

Even when you’re completely new to braiding with bundled hair, you can pay such a small amount of money and take a long time to practice and really get a hang of that technique. I practiced on my boyfriend’s hair that is only 3-4 inches at it’s longest, and that is how I learned to braid hair perfectly.

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