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Kanekalon braiding hair, black to pink, 24 in

Name: Kanekalon hair

Length: 24 in

Weight: 103 g

Color: Black to bright pink

Delivery of the Kanekalon hair

I placed an order for these Kanekalon hair extensions on the 2nd of march, 2016. They were delivered to me 15 days later, packed in a tiny box that made me think that this couldn’t possibly be the extensions. But surprise suprise – it was the hair extensions.

Quality of the Kanekalon hair

The hair is made of synthetic hair, and the feel of them from the top (black) part is soft and fuzzy, but when i tried to comb down to the ends of the hair it gave me chills – it feels so tangled and dry.

Colour match of the Kanekalon hair

The color of them is black to bright pink, but my own hair are naturally something between light brown and chestnut brown, with a pinch of dirty blonde and light ash brown thrown in there too. I got the black to pink hair because i want to braid my hair into small braids, as colorfully as possible.

Black is a colour I can wear with pride, and with a bit of pink in there it will look more fun. I do understand this might not be suitable for everyone, but i really loved the first few test-braids i made and was convinced to do my whole head like that.


Thickness of the Kanekalon hair

The advertised weight of this Kanekalon bundle hair was 100 grams, but after weighing it on my own i got 103 grams. It feels VERY thick for one bundle and with my hair being as thin as they are, i think I will be fine by using only one bundle to braid them. If it’s not enough, then I will have to chip in with my other extensions.

Length of the Kanekalon hair

Does 24 inches sound a lot to you? Well, these extensions are 24 inches long.. That is ofcourse one way. If you unbraid them and extend them fully, it measures up to 48 inches (121 cm) which is a crazy length for hair. The good thing is that I’m making thin braids out of them, and that way i don’t need to use much of the hair for one braid.

It does make me worry a bit though if I’m going to like having 24-21 inch long hair – they shrink a little when braided tightly – and if i’ll start whining about wanting to cut them a little shorter.. Anyhow, I really like them!

Summary of the Kanekalon hair

So here we have the main question again: would i recommend you to buy these?

Yes, if you’re planning to braid your hair and want to purchase something that’s easy to work with – even when your own hair are not as co-operative – and doesn’t cause any unnecessary problems, then you should consider purchasing Kanekalon hair.


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