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eBay synthetic ponytail hair extensions 18in, wavy


Delivery and packaging of eBay synthetic ponytail hair

Truth be told I was looking for cheap, synthetic ponytail extensions. I wanted to try synthetic hair and the quality that comes with it, while my colleagues are trying out real human hair. These extensions cost me about $4 and a free delivery, so as you can guess I wasn’t expecting much. I ordered them on the 29th of Jan, and they got here on the 9th of February, which is relatively fast for mail that’s shipped from China.

The quality of eBay synthetic ponytail hair

The packaging was quite good, they came in a tiny package which i thought would turn out to be one of the books I had ordered, but instead I found the ponytail hair extensions in there. The hair were wrapped in a hair net and had several tags attached to it.

Another thing to note down is to NEVER brush these hair extensions with a comb or a brush. Using only fingers is the best way to comb them, because brushing the weft started to tangle the ends straight away.

They do shed, but only when you comb them roughly. I only got 3-5 hair strands out of it after trying them on and taking them off.

The colour of eBay synthetic ponytail hair

My natural hair tone is around dirty blonde and light brown. While these extensions were advertised as light brown when I bought them, I can say right now that they’re closer to chestnut brown, rather than light brown. When they’re in my hair, the contrast difference makes my natural hair look completely grey. This is the only reason why I would not wear these ponytail hair extensions outside.

The length of eBay synthetic ponytail hair

They’re 18 inches long, but they look like 20 inch hair extensions normally do. At the ends it’s a bit curled to give it a natural look and in my opinion it makes the extensions look cute. When I put them in my hair with a high ponytail, i found my hair to resemble the famous Ariana Grande hairstyle for the first time, and I really fell in love with it. It’s a bit shorter than Ariana’s hair obviously, but it still looks absolutely adorable.

The thickness of eBay synthetic ponytail hair

While the seller didn’t specify the weight of the set, i did check it on my own with the kitchen scale and got 85 g as the weight. As I didn’t know how to feel about this, I Googled up Bellami hair ponytail hair extensions, and saw that Bellami’s ponytail sets weight about 160 g while being 20 inches long.

I do have to say that when I put these extensions in my own hair, it felt as if they were too heavy and ripping out my own hair. That could partly be also because the little pin that’s on the extensions is not in the center of the weft, but more the side. This plays a big role in if the ponytail looks even or not.

But thickness wise i’m not disappointed. They are synthetic hair yes, but they do look thick and feel soft. I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it outside of my home if the colour match would look a bit better.


The heat test of eBay synthetic hair

The seller has written on her advertisement that the hair is heat resistant. The heat test concluded that this is true. I used my flat iron on it with 226F (130 C) heat, and they didn’t melt. It straightened out very well as you can see on the images.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

straightening-synthetic-hair-extensions straightening-synthetic-hair-extensions-1 straightening-synthetic-hair-extensions-2

Overall opinion of eBay synthetic hair

If you want to get something fun for a small amount, I’d recommend this ponytail. Obviously it doesn’t come anywhere close to human hair, but it’s still pretty good.

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