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eBay synthetic clip in hair extensions, straight

The time has come again when we buy cheap hair extensions from online stores and review them for you. This time we’ve got a cheap extension set from a small eBay seller; it’s a one piece clip in hair extension set, shade wise light brown and styled straight.

Will it pass our heat test and shedding test? Keep reading to find out.

Quality of the synthetic clip in hair extensions

At first look they looked very thin, much more thinner than advertised. Once I actually got to hold them I realized that due to them being very thin and straight I will spend most of my time untangling them. Shedding wise I did notice a lot of hair coming out which gives away that these hair extensions aren’t meant to last long.

It’s not the smartest idea to bring any combs or brushes near the extensions because it feels very full of electricity by just touching them with hands. You can probably power at least a small lamp with the electricity you’d get from these extensions if you would brush them.

Colour match of the synthetic clip in hair extensions

I ordered these extensions in the light brown tone, but what I got was chestnut brown. It’s definitely darker than expected and I’m not going to dye my hair darker for the sake of these extensions.

I didn’t give up just yet with them though, I put on another set of synthetic extensions that were almost the same shade wise and styled them like Ariana Grande’s hair. It actually looked very cute and flattering.

Thickness of the synthetic clip in hair extensions

The thickness of these extensions isn’t exactly the best, but it’s an okay quality for $5.

The biggest disappointment for me was how the hair was sewn together (click on the images below to zoom in).

It’s a very messy job and I saw a good amount of glue all around the hairline. I did try to fix it by sorting the mess out, but I didn’t get far with it.

Messy synthetic hair extensions
Badly sewn synthetic hair extensions

Length of the synthetic clip in hair extensions

The length of these synthetic hair extensions is 20 inches. The most amusing fact about these extensions is the actual weight of them. The eBay seller advertised the extensions out as 100-110 g sets, but as I weighted them myself I got 93 g.

I’m not upset even the slightest because of the price I paid for these extensions – they were extremely cheap.

Synthetic hair heat test

Truth be told I got my straightener out thinking that they are going to melt for sure. I was actually surprised that the extensions could take that much heat, and curl really well. I used the lowest heat level on my straightener (226°F) just to be on the safe side.

Synthetic hair heat test

Should you buy them?

Truth be told I’m not very fond of these extensions, and I wouldn’t say that it’s really worth the purchase. You can get a lot better quality for just $10. The only regret I have is that I didn’t purchase them as wavy or curly extensions. Curly hair extensions are ten times easier to blend in.

Would I wear the hair extensions?

I can say with a hand on my heart that I’m not going to wear these extensions in public because they look very stiff, plastic and too fake in my opinion.

My boyfriend on the other hand volunteered to wear the extensions himself. He put on a woollen hat on top of the extensions and looked like Axl Rose from Guns’n’Roses.

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