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Foxy Locks hair extensions Hollywood blonde

I got these Foxy Locks hair extensions back in August, 2017,  but due to heavy load of work I only got around reviewing them just now. Fortunately now I can give them a proper experience review, because I have been wearing them more or less every day, for work, school and …

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Foxy Locks Caramel Deluxe, 165g, 20 inches

Name: Caramel Deluxe Weight: 165 g Length: 20 inches Colour: Light brown, ash brown – Caramel Wefts: 10 wefts Delivery of Foxy Locks Caramel So far ordering extensions from Foxy Locks has been very satisfying, as the package comes normally within a week. They posted it the day after I …

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Foxy Locks Hair Platinum blonde 18“ 125g

Ordering and delivery of Foxy Locks hair extensions I was so excited when my boyfriend gave me these extensions for my birthday in this January, since I’ve been watching them for a while and had them bookmarked on my laptop. He did not want to reveal to me how long …

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Foxy Locks Mahogany Deluxe 165g, 20″

The Foxy Locks Mahogany Deluxe hair extension set is certainly something to get excited about! They’re inexpensive and yet absolutely gorgeous. I decided to pitch in with our Hair-Bun team and  review one of my own hair extensions that I bought recently. The quality The Mahogany Deluxe set is of course 100% …

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Foxy Locks Latte Blonde hair extensions, 125G, 18″

Needless to say Foxy Locks offers one of the best financially suitable hair extensions out there, and of course I decided to purchase them! The product that we have got is the Foxy Locks Latte Blonde hair extensions, so let’s get started! Quality of the hair The quality of the hair is the most …

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