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Bellami Hair Extensions Ombre #6 to #613, 160g 20“

Ordering and delivery  of Bellami hair extensions

The delivery of the Bellami Ombre costs a bit more than the other sets that they offer, but it’s about an average price. The shipping time frame was so short, it got to my house two days after they shipped it, and I couldn’t have been more happier.

The quality of Bellami hair extensions

As these are my first Bellami hair extensions I decided that I would get myself an average weight set, because my own hair are quite thick already but I still wanted some length and volume added to it. They came in a cute pink box with an extra little bag that was a sample. Despite that they’re 160g, they’re thick from the clips to the ends.

I was advised by my colleague to do a shedding test with a brush, and I have to say that it came up with 3-5 hair strands after 5 brushes.
My previous hair extensions have started to practically fall apart on the day I got them, but with these Bellami extensions this was a wholly different experience.

The color match of Bellami hair extensions

The Bellami Ombre hair extensions are in tones #6 and #613, which is Chestnut brown to platinum blonde. The best thing about it is that the chestnut color reaches more than half way down the hair extensions, being covered unevenly. When i put them in, it gave the Ombre such a natural look, completely blending in with my own 18 in chestnut-ish hair.

I have to admit though that I did take a shot in the dark with choosing the right tone, but that was purely based on me being stubborn. The extensions are not cheap, so please don’t make the same mistake as I did. I got lucky with my choice, but with that kind of price you’d really want to make sure that the tones match before buying them.

The length of Bellami hair extensions

Going from 18 in to 20 in isn’t that big of a difference as one can imagine, but they add a great amount of volume. I find it better to wear  just 7 wefts, despite that they come in a pack of 10 wefts. To me putting the whole 10 weft set in my hair was just a little too much.

The thickness of Bellami hair extensions

I am pleased to say that Bellami Ombre hair extensions to do not slip down my hair when i give them a stronger brushing. I used a bristle brush and brushed my hair like I normally would, just to see if they would move or not, but they decided to stay where they were put. The 10 weft set weighs in with 160 grams, but since I’m wearing only 7 wefts all together, it’s only a few grams lighter.

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