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Bellami Hair Bambina 160g 20″ Ash Brown

To tell you the truth, i bought these Bambina hair extensions about 8 months ago, and I really think this is a good time to write a review about them, to show how well have they aged and add my own opinion and experience into this.

The quality

When I first got them I absolutely loved the feel of them. It’s real remy human hair as always, style wise they’re straight and 20 inches long. There’s 10 wefts in the package, and shedding wise I really didn’t have complaints within the first 3 months. Recently after styling I’ve noticed a bit of shedding, but that’s expected, really. They’ve survived almost a year so I’m happy with it!

The color

The color of these extensions is ash brown, which is #8 on the color chart. I’m a little scared to admit this, but I dyed my extensions a  little darker to match my own hair which resides around shade #6. I was scared because these hair extensions are like liquid gold. They cost a lot and for me that means a great investment, which also means absolutely best care and love for them due to the cost. I refused to return them and ended up loving them. I’m glad to say the color hasn’t faded at all. The extensions aren’t matte nor dry. Two months ago I did have a hairstylist cut off an inch of them, as they got a little frizzy and dry looking on the ends, but otherwise I really only have good words for the extensions.

The thickness

These extensions weigh in with 160 grams. I do remember considering going for the heavier bundle, but some reviews I found online said that they don’t even use the whole set of wefts, so I decided I’m not going to buy extra extensions that I won’t really be using. The thickness of them feels natural, I did wash them at first to give them a bit of a wave style, rather than just being very straight.

The length

I’m 5’6“ tall, so 20 inches reaches up to my waistline. It would have been fun to get longer extensions like 22 inches, but practically speaking it would be in the way, and most likely feel as if they reach my thighs. I did have them snipped an inch shorter around 6 months date, because the ends got a little dry despite me applying generous amounts of argan oil onto them. Otherwise my now 19 inch hair extensions looks really great.

The styling

You can wear them straight out of un-boxing, really. But I personally wanted to give them a bit more natural touch, so I washed them and let them air dry before wearing them. I don’t really like styling them since I really like a bit messy style. On a side note I have gone out with waves and straightened hair as well, but I tend to get the hair tangled when they’re straight. With curls it gives an extremely natural look, as if I’ve just have grown my own hair out.


As it is a good amount of money to invest into extensions, it really is worth it. I’m going to maintain them over a good year most likely with proper care. Hope this helped someone!


  1. Would you say the bellami ash brown is the same shade as the luxy chestnut brown?

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