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Bellami hair Bambina, Dark brown, 160 g 20 in

Delivery of Bambina dark brown

I placed an order for these Bambina extensions in the middle of March, 2016 and they arrived so fast! It was literally under a week and I was holding them physically in my hands.

Quality of Bambina dark brown

Since my hair are rather coarse and curly, i was quite afraid that these extensions might not blend at all with my hair texture. Although when I did straighten my hair and clipped the extensions in I was rather shocked – you can barely tell where my own hair start and where the extensions begin.

The only thing I would complain about is that next to my own hair the extensions feel very soft and easy to handle, while my natural hair basically defies gravity sometimes.

Colour match of Bambina dark brown

Sometime last year I tired to dye my hair lighter with the help of a friend and it didn’t come out exactly as i planned – my hair was just not having any of it. Instead of somewhat of a lighter tone, it literally shifted only 1-2 shades, while the goal was to go lighter by 4-6 shades.

Now as my bad dye-job has  grown out I have about 10-12 inches of dark brown/black hair, and a few inches of slightly lighter hair. The extension blend amazingly well with it, despite the poor dyeing and coarseness of the hair. I really have to say that getting help to choose the colour match of the extensions was the best idea I’ve had in a while!

Thickness and length of Bambina dark brown

I did choose the medium set, with 160 grams of hair in it. Bellami says it’s for medium to thick hair and consists of 10 pieces. With the previous extensions I’ve had I’ve noticed that after a while the clips start to pull on my hair and almost rip my hair out, but the Bambina clips don’t seem to have the same effect on my scalp.

Curling and brushing the extensions makes them easier to blend in.

So as a final question I’m going to ask if I would recommend these extensions for anyone else?

Yes I would, especially for someone who has naturally curly and coarse hair. They blend amazingly well and don’t put as much pressure on your hair as cheaper extensions do.  The price is a bit on the larger end of the scale, but trust me – it’s totally worth it.


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