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Bellami clip in hair extensions Ombre, 160g, 20”

The unboxing

The Bellami clip in hair extensions come in a lovely pink box which contains a hanger for the hair (it’s like a clip) and a special carrier for the extensions, not to mention the 10 wefts. The Bellami hair extensions were packed in a little plastic bag which has two parts – one for the tester, one for the real extensions themselves. This is because if the tone doesn’t match your hair, you don’t have to open the real extensions themselves and then just send them back (it’s for hygienic reasons, no one wants second hand extensions).

The tester is a little two clip section that’s wrapped in a small net. I tried it on and it matched absolutely perfectly.


The hair does not shed, even if you comb them! I was absolutely astonished when seeing this. You really do get what you pay for with Bellami hair. This is natural human hair, and of course Remy as well. It’s absolutely worth the investment, I’d say.

Color match

The color of the extensions is  #4 / Platinum blonde, that means it goes from dark brown to very light blonde. The wefts have been dyed a little unevenly, but this is because it makes the Ombré look natural; like they‘re natural highlights in natural hair. Two 3-clippers were dyed a little too close to the ends, the rest of the wefts were dyed a bit higher. Otherwise the color match is lovely as my own hair is between black and very dark brown, and extremely curly.


The real extensions feel very thick from both ends. In overall there’s 10 wefts in the whole package: 2x 4-clip-wefts, 2x 3-clip-wefts, 2x 2-clip-wefts, and finally 4x 1-clip-wefts.  As mentioned before, the hair doesn’t shed, which only added to my excitement!


The hair is a lovely 20 inches long and absolutely gorgeous. I did consider at first taking 1-2 inches off from the ends, but since I did lay out a good amount of money for these, I didn’t have the heart to go through with it. So I decided that once they get frizzy from styling or just older, then I will have someone cut them from me.


When applying these, I first messed up and laid them on the bottom of the scalp, which on 14-inch-hair looks a bit.. off. I ended up taking them out and doing them again, laying them out evenly all around the head, with natural 14 inch dark brown hair, in a straight style they struggled a bit to blend in, but when they were curled up it looked natural both hair set in the front and back. The hair doesn’t get frizzy not even a bit after styling.

Overall impression

I’m extremely satisfied. It was a good amount of money, but you really do get what you pay for. I recommend purchasing a hair oil, to make sure the hair won’t get frizzy. Other than that, I hope this helped you, see you next time!



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