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Twist-curling hair with a straightener

As we already explained to you how to curl your hair with a straightener, we thought that we could also try out the other hair curling methods.

Have you heard of the twist curls? A twist curl is made when you twist your hair and then apply heat on the twist, resulting with twist-like curls. Here’s our guide how to make twist curls.

How to twist-curl hair with a straightener

You will need:

  • A comb or a brush
  • Hair straightener

Sectioning hair

To make the twist curls, going bigger is better. More hair means better results but the choice is yours how you wish your curls to look. For this guide I decided to use my own hair and a smaller section of hair because my hair are very thick and disobedient when it comes to styling. It’s hard work trying to make them look presentable.

Take the section of hair and comb trough it by using a brush, and twist the hair one way. You have to make the twist as tight as possible, loose twists generally don’t curl, because the flat ironer will start to straighten them out instead of curling. So be sure to make them as tight as you can.

Applying heat onto the hair

Take your straightener and start from the top of the hair, close to your scalp. Move slowly down the hair while applying about max 10 seconds of heat onto one spot of the section. It will take a bit longer for the heat to reach into the centre of the twist, which is why it’s good to go slower rather than faster. Fast movements will result with the outside layer of the twist being curled, but the inside being sloppy and flat.


Brushing curly hair

Don’t use a comb for this, use your fingers to brush trough the curls. With a comb or brush you would be undoing all the work you just put into doing your hair, the combing would take the curls right out.

The end result

Here’s a section of my own hair that was twist-curled. I did only about 1 inch wide section of hair, which shows as thin little curls. As mentioned before, more hair means thicker curls.

You can use hairspray to make the curls set better and last longer.

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