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Straightening hair before curling it

Have you seen comments online of people making fun about girls who straighten their hair and then curl them? Is it true? If so then why people do that?

We’re going to answer that question for you right here.

Why straighten your hair before curling it?

While it looks a bit odd and senseless, there’s actually a secret behind this. For anyone with frizzy hair or generally very curly hair it’s a lot of work to make the curls look smooth.

So what you need to do with the hair is to flat iron the frizziness out, make the hair smooth and then get your curling iron, to create absolutely flawless curls.

Needless to say you cannot be greedy with the heat protection serum on this one as the hair takes a lot of heat damage and if you don’t play safe – you’re going to have a whole lot more of split ends.

Is it safe to flat iron hair before curling?

It’s always a good thing to look at the safety spectrum in regards of your hair with this one. While the hair look better after being straightened, you do need to keep in mind that you’re exposing them to a double amount of heat damage if you’re curling them right after.

A way to avoid this is ofcourse to use a heat protection serum, and preferably you shouldn’t blow dry your hair.

If your hair texture is rather weak and thin then it’s the best if you skip the straightening part. Just take a fine comb, comb out the section you want to curl and curl it while holding the curling iron upside down like shown on the image below.

By doing that it will give you magnificent curls and apply less heat damage on your hair.

How to curl hair properly

First things first, you should wash your hair and air-dry them. Make sure to also condition them well as it adds moisture and softness to the hair.

Use a heat protection serum on your hair and get your straightener, flat iron your hair all around your head.

Section your hair and begin to curl them starting with the lower sections. You can also use a hairspray to make the curls stronger and last longer. Here’s a few methods how to achieve stronger and looser curls.

how-to-curl-hair How-to-curl-hair-2 How-to-curl-hair-3

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