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How to make hair grow faster

Are you struggling to grow your hair out or looking for ways to boost the growth speed of your hair? For girls there’s nothing better to make you feel more feminine and beautiful than having long, healthy hair. And needless to say these tips apply to both genders, so boys – pay attention!

Tips for how to make hair grow faster

Trimming hair 6-8 weeks

It sounds unreal, but there’s nothing better than trimming hair in order to make them grow faster. By getting rid of the split ends that get frizzy, your hair will start growing .

Coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil is excellent for making your hair sprout. Using it for masks is the best, when you’d massage it onto the scalp and have it in your hair overnight. Also using it for a shorter time in the shower isn’t bad. We’d recommend applying it on dry hair, start with massaging it onto the scalp and work your way down towards the ends of the hair. Let it be in your hair for about 40 minutes, then wash it out.

Coconut oil moisturises your hair like never before, and also locks the moisture in the hair. You can also read more about coconut oil treatment for hair right here on Hiar-Bun.

Conditioning hair for hair growth

Everyday weather and styling can damage your hair and give you split ends, which is a nuisance. But conditioning your hair can help you reduce that drastically, by moisturising your hair.

Natural scalp oils

Some people consider this un-doable, but you wouldn’t believe how amazing this is. The oils that your scalp produces are natural, and they’re there to protect your hair. Obviously your hair will look greasy, but tie them up! Ponytails, buns or just use bigger clips to pin them down. It’s going to feel unusual for the first week, but after that it becomes a sort of a habit.

Food supplements for hair growth

There’s not really a drug out there that would miraculously grow your hair out. I suggest imaging your hair to be a flowerbed, and by adding these fertilizers, your “flowers” will begin to sprout again. Also, keep in mind that A LOT of drugs that claim to boost hair growth contain the vitamins and food supplements that are listed below:

  • Zinc
  • Collagen
  • Vitamins A, B, and E (biotins!)
  • Fish liver oil

Please be careful when taking these vitamins, because they ARE medications. By over-taking vitamin A as an example, you could have a liver failure by complete accident, while thinking that you’re living the healthy lifestyle. Please consult your doctor before you decide to purchase these products.

Stop or reduce dyeing hair

Frequent hair dying slows down your hair growth. The worst thing you can do to your hair is bleaching, as it dries your hair out and it can burn your hair off your head. The chemicals in any hair dye can harm your scalp.

This is coming from a girl whose hair stopped growing for 5 years. I was obsessed with keeping my hair blonde, eventually trying to reach platinum blonde, but I never made it there completely. My hair was always shoulder length, despite all the trimmings, diet and care I put into the hair. So in the middle of 2014 I stopped dying my hair, letting my dye completely grow out. My hair growth returned, and I’m happy again.

Drinking water to make hair grow faster

Drinking water yet again helps your hair to grow. By drinking about 8 glasses worth of water a day, you’d help your body to flush out any toxins, which does promote hair growth. It’s not only healthy, but also it does make your hair feel smoother and softer. This is the inside-out method of what you can do to “condition” your hair from the inside of your body.

Avoid heat damage to make hair grow faster

Styling your hair can damage your hair badly. Of course at first it looks beautiful, smooth and cared for, but the day after your hair will be frizzy and split. This is why it’s important to use heat protection before your begin your styling – whether you’re curling them, blow drying or straightening your hair. First apply heat protection, then style them!

Avoid hair extensions

Some hair extensions can pull out your own hair, and end up damaging your hair. Micro loops can be the most harmful, as it’s a little metal loop that is attached to your own hair. The metal gets heavy when your hair is wet, and it will break your hair. Even the most harmless extensions such as clip in extensions, can end up pulling your hair out by accident. So to avoid this try to go natural or use halo extensions.

Avoid hair styling

This is a difficult step. A lot of us are happy seeing our hair when they’re clean and smooth, but we forget that it hurts our hair. Going natural by stopping any hair styling is difficult to do, as it’s hard to see your hair live their own life by being messy. To soothe this down, use hair clips to tie your hair up and out of sight, your fringe will find it’s own way. By keeping your hair tied up (not too tight!), you’re saving your hair from weather damage as well.

Use cold water to boost hair growth

Using cold water to wash your hair is excellent, especially if you have dyed your hair. The cold water will not wash out you dye, while warm/hot water would start washing your dye out. If you’re not a fan of this, you can try the cold water rinsing instead. Rinsing your hair with cold water after you’ve finished your treatments is proven to soothe down the outer layer of your hair. You only need to rinse them for about 10 seconds, and the effect it has on your hair is remarkably amazing.

Wrapping your hair too tightly

Don’t wrap your hair too tightly in a towel after washing them. By wrapping them too tight you could break your hair, because when your hair is wet it’s in the weakest state.

How long does it take to grow long hair?

Last but not least, this is a long term project for you. Your hair will grow approx 6 inches (15 cm) during the span of a year, and this is natural. There will be times when you’ll feel like nothing is working, but STAY STRONG. Within a few months you will notice a small difference, and as time goes on – the progress shows more and more.


Stay positive and love your hair! – Hair-bun

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