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How to curl hair without heat

If you want know how to curl your hair without heat then we have a technique that you can try. Curling your hair like this would take approximately about an hour or a bit more but at the same time you’d be saving your hair from heat damage.

You can also try this on your hair extensions and certain kinds of synthetic hair, which could take a bit longer to curl.

How to curl hair without heat

You will need:

  • Brown paper or any other stronger paper
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair clips

Prepare your hair

Wash your hair like you normally do and towel-dry them until they’re damp.

Prepare the paper

Tear the paper that you’re using into 1 inch wide strips and at least 10 inches length wise. You can go up to 15 inches if it makes wrapping and tying your hair easier.

Section your hair

Pick out a strand of hair and brush trough it with your fingers. The hair needs to be damp for this to work, using a brush on wet hair would cause some unnecessary damage.

Wrap the hair around the paper

Take the paper strip and put it on the end of the hair, you can pin it down with a bobby pin to make sure it wont start moving. If you don’t have bobby pins then you can fold the paper into a V-shape to make it cling onto your hair.

Start rolling the paper all the way up to your roots and tie the ends of the paper together.

Repeat this with the rest of your hair, sectioning and wrapping all of it.

Drying your hair

The paper will hold your hair put and also dry it at the same time so it won’t be damp any more. It would be the best to let the hair air dry, but if you want to dry them faster you can blow dry them on a low heat.

The paper is ready to come out once your hair is completely dry.

Finished curls

Take the paper out one by one and use your fingers to brush the hair again. Use some hairspray to make the curls set and you’re finished.

You can use a hair brush to brush through the hair, but there’s a great chance that the brushing will flatten the hair and make the curls appear frizzy.

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