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Why you shouldn’t buy cheap hair extensions


Have you ever bought hair extensions off bigger online stores and ended up being disappointed, because they matte or get tangled? This is what happens when you fall victim for cheap prices. I admit that it’s more than inviting when you see hair extensions being sold with -70% off the price or even more, but in a long run.. You will regret that purchase.

My own experience with cheap hair extensions

My own experience with this is rich – the first 4 hair extensions in my life were cheap, I’m talking about price range $30 – $90 and bought off websites like Amazon and eBay. The extensions that I received were a bit thin, but lovely. Nice and soft, felt like my own hair.. In the beginning. Styling them was a struggle, the clip ins never really wanted to stay in shape unless i applied so much heat that I almost fried them. But the complete end of them was the first wash. They lost all shine, became tangled and it just didn’t feel nor look right. No one would go out with extensions like that. But as I was new to them back then, I wanted to believe so hard that everything was fine. When you’re in that kind of situation, you start telling yourself anything to make the situation better, and I kept telling myself „that’s normal!“ It wasn’t. Looking back now, I shake my head and roll my eyes at how silly I was. They matted very easily, and tangled badly.

Anyhow, fast forward a few years, I found out that’s what they call „dead hair“. It’s imported mainly from China, it’s not REMY but it’s advertised as REMY. The hair is collected from the brushes in hair salons, shipped to production where they get chemically treated and made into extensions, then sold with false advertising. They last a week, maybe longer. But after the first wash it’s pretty much ready to be thrown into garbage. With quality extensions, this is not the case. They last very long, with oil and heat care. Sometimes the ends dry out but you can get those cut off, making the hair look healthy again. It’s such a massive difference when it comes to quality of the hair.

When you check online stores that sell other things next to hair related products (like furniture, clothes, etc), you’ll notice a lot of photos are repetitive. The same pictures repeat with different hair extensions, doesn’t matter what type they are – clip ins, micro link, pre-bonded keratin, or anything else. You can tell by that, that the seller hasn’t really put much time and effort into even making their product look mediocre quality the least.

How to avoid buying „dead hair“?

Look for shops that focus on hair related products and topics alone. Compare the grams of hair to the price, taking in consideration that normally it takes about 100 grams of hair extensions to blend them into your hair. The 100 grams should cover the full head, but of course you can go for more than just 100g.

Another good thing that you can check is the reviews. With shops that have a built up solid reputation, you can guarantee that there’s people who have bought their products and reviewed them. Trough that you can get a second opinion if the purchase is worth it or not. The internet is full of people who have an opinion, and it really does come in handy when you’re considering a big financial hit with hair extensions.

So there you go, I really hope that this will help someone to prevent buying cheap hair extensions. You will either keep buying hair extensions often, or pay a large amount that lasts for months. The small amounts will eventually stack up, making the better quality hair extensions being the better choice to go with.

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