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Fixing doll hair

Mainly here on Hair-Bun we focus on human or synthetic hair, which are used by humans. But a while back we got an interesting email coming in, asking us if its possible to fix the synthetic hair on dolls or other toys, when the hair is in a bad condition, …

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Can you bleach synthetic hair

When you’re not exactly new to hair, then you know that you can’t really bleach synthetic hair lighter. But what happens if you try anyway? Let’s try it out and see what happens! What I used for bleaching A bowl to mix the dye in (if it doesn’tcome in a special …

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eBay synthetic clip in hair extensions, straight

The time has come again when we buy cheap hair extensions from online stores and review them for you. This time we’ve got a cheap extension set from a small eBay seller; it’s a one piece clip in hair extension set, shade wise light brown and styled straight. Will it pass our …

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Everything you need to know about dyeing your hair

Changing your looks is only natural in the modern society of today, but there are quite a few darker areas out there about hair dyeing. We’ve put together a few of the most frequently asked questions about dyeing your hair (and bleaching them), and answered them for you. You can …

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eBay synthetic ponytail hair extensions 18in, wavy

Delivery and packaging of eBay synthetic ponytail hair Truth be told I was looking for cheap, synthetic ponytail extensions. I wanted to try synthetic hair and the quality that comes with it, while my colleagues are trying out real human hair. These extensions cost me about $4 and a free delivery, …

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How to detangle and repair synthetic hair

If you’ve got an old synthetic hair wig, and it’s a pure mess, then don’t throw it out just yet. It might surprise you, but you can actually revive the hair and wear it again. How to repair a synthetic wig To wash the wig, here’s what you need: A …

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Human Hair Extensions

For a girl who loves long hair extensions, there are always two options to choose from. Whether you want synthetic hair or real hair? Tough decision? Probably yes, as both have an increasing market demand and they also have their pros and cons. So, which should you choose? Synthetic Hair …

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Where do hair extensions come from?

While you love having longer hair with the help of hair extensions, have you ever thought about where the hair came from? We’ve listed the most common hair extension hair in the world and done some background search about where they came from and how. Indian hair extensions Indian hair is …

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