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Best tips and products for winter hair care

Not all of us live in a place that has warm weather all year around, right? That’s why we’ve decided to go over the best shampoos you should use to keep your hair healthy, strong and soft all troughout the colder seasons. Best shampoo for winter With extremely cold weather …

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How to find the right shampoo for your hair

Have you ever found yourself complaining about the condition of your hair? That they’re dry,  the ends are split or perhaps they get greasy too fast? Surprisingly your shampoo could be to blame for this. So how to avoid these things? Shampoo for dry hair Does your hair feel dry …

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Not using a conditioner for 7 days

When you’ve used conditioners for years your hair get used to the treatment. They need the extra moisture being locked in with every shower. So what actually happens when you stop using all moisturizing treatments such as masks and conditioners? Let’s find out! Type of hair The type of hair …

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