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What is a caffeine shampoo?

Have you seen any caffeine shampoos being sold at stores and thought about buying one for yourself just for the fun of it? But what is a caffeine shampoo, what does it do and who is it meant for? If you want to find out then keep reading. What is …

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How to grow hair back after hair loss

There’s thousands of people out there looking for what causes hair loss for them, and how to treat this issue. Having your hair thinning out, or losing them can completely break your confidence and drag your down. This is why we’ve listed a few things to explain hair loss for …

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Losing hair

As someone who lost a significant amount of hair at the age of 23 (and female), I’ve felt a lot of depression about the whole thing. The photo above is my own scalp during summer 2015. My thinning of hair came from the heavy medication I was put on, and …

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