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Can hair extensions become addictive?

Within the last few years hair extensions have become an everyday thing among women of all ages. While some of us limit our choices down to clip in hair extensions, then the rest of us try out semi-permanent hair extensions as well. Clip in hair extensions As silly as it …

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eBay synthetic ponytail hair extensions 18in, wavy

Delivery and packaging of eBay synthetic ponytail hair Truth be told I was looking for cheap, synthetic ponytail extensions. I wanted to try synthetic hair and the quality that comes with it, while my colleagues are trying out real human hair. These extensions cost me about $4 and a free delivery, …

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How to cut your own hair extensions

When you’re getting new hair extensions that you have to apply on your own such as clip in hair extensions then there might be a few issues with blending the hair extensions into your own hair. One way to fix this is to cut your own hair extensions with the …

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Bellami Hair Extensions Ombre #6 to #613, 160g 20“

Ordering and delivery  of Bellami hair extensions The delivery of the Bellami Ombre costs a bit more than the other sets that they offer, but it’s about an average price. The shipping time frame was so short, it got to my house two days after they shipped it, and I …

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Flip in hair extensions – are they worth it?

When you’ve worn hair extensions for a while, you should be very well aware of the strain they can put on your hair in long term. Hair falling out, tangling, matting – that’s just a small fraction of damage that hair extensions can afflict to your own hair. Semi-permanent hair …

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Dirty Looks Stalker Worthy, 20in, 180g

Ordering and delivery of Dirty Looks hair extensions I got these extensions 8 days after ordering them, since I ordered them on Friday night. Dirty Looks did send them out really fast, and the delivery took so little time. It would come in handy if you live in the US …

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Zala Hair Jet Black 20“ 120g

Ordering and delivery of Zala hair extensions Zala hair extensions are shipped out from Australia, so I didn’t expect them to get here as fast as they did. It only took about a week to arrive. The quality of Zala hair extensions I did do my research before buying these …

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Foxy Locks Hair Platinum blonde 18“ 125g

Ordering and delivery of Foxy Locks hair extensions I was so excited when my boyfriend gave me these extensions for my birthday in this January, since I’ve been watching them for a while and had them bookmarked on my laptop. He did not want to reveal to me how long …

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Ponytail hair extensions

While getting yourself a lovely set of clip in hair extensions might be a bit costly, then trying out a new look with ponytail hair extensions is less expensive. You can give yourself a makeover within seconds, and create the famous Ariana Grande hairstyle – a high ponytail with loose …

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Luxy Hair Vibrant Auburn, 120g, 20”

The quality I’m very pleased with the way these extensions feel, they’re soft and silky, very flowing and have a natural look to them. There was no shedding that I noticed as I unpacked them and styled them, which is one of the most important thing for me and also …

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