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Fall hair colours

Ready for fall, are we? Have you thought about what are the most stylish hair colours for this fall or fall in general? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Fall does last just for three months, but then again – it’s been getting longer each year! Fall hair colours – …

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Choosing professional hair products

What kind of shampoo, conditioner or hairspray do you have at home? Are you one hundred percent happy with the job it does? Perhaps you should try out a professional hair care product instead? We decided to list you the most important reasons why you should exchange your current hair …

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What is a strand test and why is it important?

If you’ve dyed hair before then you’re probably aware of what’s a strand test. But if you’re new to it then we’ve got answers for the questions you’ve got – what is a strand test and how do you do it? What is a strand test A strand test is …

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How to make double wefted clip in hair extensions

Have you bought hair extensions that are ridiculously thin, or maybe looking to make yourself clip in hair extensions for less money? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Check out our guide of how to make clip in hair extensions – double wefted! What you need for hair extensions There’s …

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Where should you have your hair extensions done

When you’re looking to get yourself some micro loop extensions or perhaps keratin or tape hair extensions, then it’s always the best to do your research about them beforehand. But is it a smart idea to buy them yourself or have them installed at the salon? Or maybe both? Let’s …

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How to stop picking on hair extensions

Have you gotten semi permanent hair extensions such as keratin bond ones, and find yourself picking on the bonds? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s normal to pick on the bonds of the extensions when they’re put in for the first time as it takes time to get used to. …

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Bellami hair Bambina, Dark brown, 160 g 20 in

Delivery of Bambina dark brown I placed an order for these Bambina extensions in the middle of March, 2016 and they arrived so fast! It was literally under a week and I was holding them physically in my hands. Quality of Bambina dark brown Since my hair are rather coarse …

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Can you dye hair extensions with Kool Aid?

If you’re someone who’s got high quality (and a bit on the expensive side) human hair extensions, then you might want to change the shade of them just for fun. There’s an easy and fast way to do it, while causing absolutely no harm to the extensions themselves – Kool …

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Kanekalon braiding hair, black to silver, 24 in

Delivery of the Kanekalon braiding hair I placed the order on the 2nd of march, 2016 and this Kanekalon braiding hair bundle was delivered to my doorstep on the 23rd of march, 2016. I did order it off Ebay and it was shipped from China, so a 20-day delivery is …

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Kanekalon braiding hair, black to pink, 24 in

Name: Kanekalon hair Length: 24 in Weight: 103 g Color: Black to bright pink Delivery of the Kanekalon hair I placed an order for these Kanekalon hair extensions on the 2nd of march, 2016. They were delivered to me 15 days later, packed in a tiny box that made me …

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