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Best tips and products for winter hair care

Not all of us live in a place that has warm weather all year around, right? That’s why we’ve decided to go over the best shampoos you should use to keep your hair healthy, strong and soft all troughout the colder seasons. Best shampoo for winter With extremely cold weather …

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How to use a coloured hair spray

Are you bored of your everyday hair colour, but don’t want to change your current tone? There’s something you can try that’s temporary, fun and easy to do – coloured hairsprays. Let’s get to it. What’s a coloured hair spray? A coloured hairspray is a spray for your hair, that …

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Best hair care routines

Have you ever wondered if the routine you take care of your hair with is actually good for your hair? Now, don’t let yourself feel bad – everyone has different hair care routines, from washing to styling the hair. You just got to find the one that works for you! …

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Not using a conditioner for 7 days

When you’ve used conditioners for years your hair get used to the treatment. They need the extra moisture being locked in with every shower. So what actually happens when you stop using all moisturizing treatments such as masks and conditioners? Let’s find out! Type of hair The type of hair …

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Caffeine hair mask

If you want to treat hair loss or maybe try adding some more volume to your hair then you can try a caffeine hair mask out, right at home! This mask is very simple to make and use, but it will leave a scent of coffee in your hair. What …

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Chocolate hair masks

What is the substance that most people in the world absolutely love? Chocolate ofcourse! But did you know that instead of eating it, there’s other beneficial ways to use it for your hair? What does the chocolate hair mask offer? When you think of a chocolate mask, you’re most likely …

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How to make thin hair look thicker

Not all of us have thicker hair yet desperately wish to have them. You can always wear hair extensions, but it’s not the best way to make your hair appear thicker. On some cases wearing hair extensions with thin hair can cause even more thinning out which is clearly the …

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Best hair care for natural curly hair

When you’ve decided to go natural then there’s a few changes that you can make in order to improve your hair care. Some hair products contain ingredients that are not suitable for natural hair. Here we’ve listed some of the best natural hair care products that contain all natural ingredients. …

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13 mistakes you make with your hair

13 Mistakes that you make with your hair

If you’ve ever dyed, styled or cut your hair, there has probably been a few slip ups that you’re not aware of. Or then it could be something you know is bad for your hair, but you still go ahead and do it. We’ve rounded up the most common mistakes …

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How to make hair grow faster

Are you struggling to grow your hair out or looking for ways to boost the growth speed of your hair? For girls there’s nothing better to make you feel more feminine and beautiful than having long, healthy hair. And needless to say these tips apply to both genders, so boys …

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