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Best hair care routines

Have you ever wondered if the routine you take care of your hair with is actually good for your hair? Now, don’t let yourself feel bad – everyone has different hair care routines, from washing to styling the hair. You just got to find the one that works for you! …

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Hair curling iron

For creating curls in your hair there’s thousands of different hair curling wands out on the market that you can choose from. But what kind of hair curling iron should you go for, since all of the wands focus on specific kinds of curls? We’re answering that question in this post, …

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Best hair care for natural curly hair

When you’ve decided to go natural then there’s a few changes that you can make in order to improve your hair care. Some hair products contain ingredients that are not suitable for natural hair. Here we’ve listed some of the best natural hair care products that contain all natural ingredients. …

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How to go natural with your hair

When you’ve got a very strong curl to your hair that you’ve had texturized or relaxed a couple of times then you might consider going natural. Here we’re going to explain what is “going natural”, why you should do it and how to make the process faster for you, without …

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Black Girl Hair Extensions Guide

As a Black woman, there are many different ways to style your hair. Whether you want a new look, need a style that is easy to maintain, or you’re on a journey to grow your hair while protecting its health, extensions can help you get the look you want. It’s …

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Tips for getting curly hair extensions

If you’re thinking about getting curly hair extensions, this is a great way to change up your look and achieve more versatility with your style. These extensions are ideal if your hair is naturally straight or thin. The curly hair extensions will immediately make your hair look thicker and can …

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The benefits of a bristle brush

A bristle brush has been in use for a long time – since the 18th century. Ever since then it’s been used for styling hair and brushing it, without causing any damage. The benefits of a bristle brush are wide – here we’re going to explain some of them to …

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