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Can you bleach synthetic hair

When you’re not exactly new to hair, then you know that you can’t really bleach synthetic hair lighter. But what happens if you try anyway? Let’s try it out and see what happens! What I used for bleaching A bowl to mix the dye in (if it doesn’tcome in a special …

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How to use a toner?

When you’re looking around for tips how to bleach your hair, I’m sure you’ve seen a toner being mentioned. But what is a toner and how to use it with bleaching? We’ve gathered information about toners to put it in a simple, straight forward way without getting too technical so you …

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Everything you need to know about dyeing your hair

Changing your looks is only natural in the modern society of today, but there are quite a few darker areas out there about hair dyeing. We’ve put together a few of the most frequently asked questions about dyeing your hair (and bleaching them), and answered them for you. You can …

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Olaplex hair treatment

I’m sure quite a few of us are desiring beautiful blonde hair, but refuse to go anywhere near bleach because of a traumatic experience, or maybe then the horror stories that surround bleaching. Well there’s something new that you can discover right here – The Olaplex treatment! You can use …

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Bleaching hair and hair extensions

Bleaching hair and hair extensions is everything but easy, especially when you’ve got dark hair and decide to dye them blonde, the first option that you probably think of is bleaching. What some people don’t know is that bleaching is a little bit like playing with fire – you could get …

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