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How to dip dye hair with Kool Aid

If you want a temporary new look to your hair, or maybe try out a new color then you might as well take on the good old Kool Aid! It’s generally better for hair that are already light color, but can also be tried on darker tones to give them a new shade.

 Is it safe to dye your hair with Kool Aid?

Dip dyeing hair with Kool Aid is safe for your hair. It’s generally safer than using a box dye that you can buy from any local shops around you, because Kool Aid doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. You can mix it as a drink, and drink it, or you can use it to dye your hair – either way you won’t be harmed.

How long does Kool Aid dip dye last?

This depends on how often you will wash your hair. If you wash your hair often, lets say every day, then it will wash out relatively soon – approximately 14 days maximum. If you use warm/hot water to wash your hair, it will come out faster. But with cold/cool water the dye takes a bit longer to wash out.

Does Kool Aid damage your hair?

No, Kool Aid does not damage your hair. The only way you could accidentally damage them is when you dip your hair into a very hot mixture of Kool Aid, right after it has been taken off the stove where it was boiling. And that’s called heat damage; a good reason why you should let the mixture cool down a bit before dipping your hair in it.

How to dye your hair with kool aid

All you need is:

  • 2x Kool Aid packages
  • 2x cups of water
  • Conditioner

Mix the Kool Aid into the water, and bring the mix up to boil for about a minute. Tie your hair into a ponytail, and preferably with someone’s help, lean back and dip the end of the ponytail into the mix for 5-10 minutes tops.

You can also let the water cool down a bit, as it’d be safer for you in case there should be an unexpected spill, and you really don’t want that with water that was boiling just a second ago.

Once the time is up, wash your hair with cold water, because cold doesn’t take the color out as fast as warm water does. Use some conditioner and voilà! You’re done!

Dyeing your hair with Kool Aid – The second method.

If you feel confident enough to go in with a simple dyeing brush, then there’s another way for you to dye your hair. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3x packages of Kool Aid
  • Tiny bit of water
  • Dyeing brush
  • a bowl
  • conditioner
  • An old towel or t-shirt
  • Plastic wrap

First things first, pour the Kool Aid into the bowl, all 3 packages. Add a little bit of water so the powder will turn into a heavy cream mix, and then add 2-3 drops of conditioner, so the dye would spread out more evenly on your hair. Mix it up! Be sure to have a towel or an old t-shirt on so you wouldn’t stain your clothes.

Measure out where you want your dip dye to start, and start applying the dye onto the hair strand by strand. Once you’ve finished, wrap the dyed bits into plastic wrap and leave them in overnight. Just make sure to secure them well, because you don’t want your pillow to be dyed in the morning.

Kool Aid hair dye chart

Yellow Kool aid hair
Purple Kool Aid Hair
Pink Kool Aid Hair
Orange Kool Aid Hair
Green Kool Aid Hair
Blue Kool Aid Hair
Blue and Green Kool Aid Hair
Red Kool Aid Hair
The Maroon Kool Aid hair. This color is a whole lot darker and stronger than the normal red.

Can you wash the Kool Aid dip dye out right away?

Yes. Yes you can. All you need is:

  • Baking soda and warm water,


  • Vinegar and warm water.

Baking soda method:

Mix 1 tablespoonful of baking soda into a bowl of boiling water and let it keep boiling for a minute.  Let the water cool down to the point you can dip your fingers in it without getting burned, and then dip the dyed hair into the pot. If it starts to make a fizzing noise, the Kool Aid is coming off. Avoid using boiling water to take the dye off, because it damages your hair, and you could possibly get nasty burns by accident.

Make sure to use a hair mask or conditioner right after the treatment, to restore moisture.

Vinegar method:

Mix together 1 tablespoon of vinegar and lukewarm water (about the size of one cup). Then go shower! Pour the mixture over the dyed area and let it soak in for 5-10 minutes, or until you’re sick of the smell of vinegar, and then rinse it off. Be sure to use a lot of conditioner on the hair, as vinegar can dry your hair out.

Can you dye hair extensions with Kool Aid?

If you’re someone who’s got high quality (and a bit on the expensive side) human hair extensions, then you might want to change the shade of them just for fun. There’s an easy and fast way to do it, while causing absolutely no harm to the extensions themselves – Kool Aid.

So how to dye hair with Kool Aid? Is it safe to dye extensions with Kool aid?

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