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Split-Ender hair trimmer

Are you a person who prefers cutting their own hair at home? Or perhaps you just dread going to the hairstylist and paying a good amount only to trim your ends?

If so, then you should check this product out!

What is the Split-Ender hair trimmer?

Split-Ender hair trimmer is a hair tool, that’s meant to trim the ends of your hair yet not drastically reduce the length of it. It’s an easy to use product that you can happily use at home, by yourself.

This is what the Split-Ender tool looks like.

How much hair does it cut off?

This was the first question on my mind as well: does the split Split-Ender hair trimmer cut off a chunk of hair or how does it work exactly?



On the image above, you can see what’s inside the Split-Ender hair trimmer. You put the middle part of your hair over the hair plate, and slowly slide it down the hair.

Any hair that are sticking out or standing up (which is the split end) will get chopped off by the rotating blade and the bottom blades.

The amount of hair that the Split-Ender hair trimmer cuts off is very minimal. The trimmer doesn’t touch the healthy hair at all, but instead target the hair that are fried, split, and try.

What’s inside the Split-Ender package?

When you buy the Split-Ender hair trimmer, then inside the package you can find:

  • The Split-Ender tool
  • 2 hair clips.
  • A travel purse for the kit.
  • A comb for sectioning and combing.
  • The charging wire.
  • Two plates that you can use to regulate the length ( a 1/8″ plate and a 1/4″ plate).

How to use the Split-Ender hair trimmer

Step 1: Make sure that the Split-Ender trimmer is charged up and ready to be used.

Step 2: Section your hair, so you will start with the back of your head and from the bottom.

Step 3: Take the section of hair, and place the Split-Ender brush in the centre of that section, then turn it on and slowly slide it down the hair. Repeat this step with every section all around your head.

Step 4: Remember to empty the little plastic container that collects the split ends when it looks full.

Step 5: Once you finish, brush your hair and you’re ready to continue your day!

Note: You should only do small or medium sections of hair, if you take too much hair, the trimmer could get stuck in your hair.

How much does Split-Ender cost?

Currently the price on the market is above $300, but as usually – give it some time and the prices will start to drop, just like the DAFNI electrical hair brush.

Check the current price of the Split ender Hair Trimmer 

Is the price an obstacle?

There’s other options. You can also check out the two products below, that are less expensive than the Split-Ender PRO, yet you can also use these at home and by yourself to trim your hair.

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