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How to use a coloured hair spray

Are you bored of your everyday hair colour, but don’t want to change your current tone? There’s something you can try that’s temporary, fun and easy to do – coloured hairsprays. Let’s get to it.

What’s a coloured hair spray?

A coloured hairspray is a spray for your hair, that adds temporary colour to your hair alongside with regular hairspray effect. They’re produced by many different companies and come in different price ranges and shades that you can choose from.

Applying it can get a bit messy, but this is where good preparation will come to a rescue.

Can you use coloured hairspray on dark hair?

Yes, you can. It sticks quite well to any tone of hair – even black.

Will it stain blonde hair?

Depending on the tone of hairspray you’re using, yes, it could stain the hair and be a bit of a nuisance.

How to use a colour hairspray

Before you start, you will need to know that colour hairspray comes in the form of a spray, which can get on your face, skin, clothes and up your nose. Therefore, you need to be prepared to avoid that.

For best outcome you could ask someone to help you, but its not necessary.

You will need:

  • An old towel and some paper towel sheets (to avoid staining clothes).
  • Hair clips (for sectioning hair).
  • A hairbrush or a comb.

To remove the spray, you can use a wet napkin to wipe it off your face and skin.

Section your hair

Brush your hair trough and section the parts of your hair that you want to use the spray on.  This makes it easier for the  spray to reach everywhere evenly.

Use the colour hair spray

Take the section of hair, put a towel to cover your shoulders, and use a paper towel sheet to cover your face from the spray. Keep the spray can about 12-18 inches away from your hair and work your way around the head.

Do not brush your hair

It’s not recommended to even touch your hair while they’re wet from the coloured spray. Let it dry and if you do wish to brush them – use your fingers to comb trough them gently. Some coloured hairsprays tend to leave the hair feeling a bit “chalky” and stiff, but that’s normal.

This is also why a lot of people prefer to tie their hair up, and then use the spray.

Don’t spray towards your face

When you’re trying to get your bangs covered, lift them up and try to spray them while they’re above your head. If you spray towards your face, you’re bound to inhale the spray, and while it doesn’t harm you, it still feels very uncomfortable.

Hope you found this helpful, have fun toning your hair!

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