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Temporary spray hair dyes

Do you want to dye your hair with a bright colour, but don’t want it to stick for a few weeks or months? This is exactly what spray hair dyes are for. Even more, why not dye your hair extension’s into an ombre shade, with pink, purple or blue tips?

What do hair spray dyes do?

The good thing about the spray dyes is that they fade rather quick, making you not commit to your style choice any longer than a week or two. So what it means, is that you can spray it on, go out with your friends for a day, and watch the colour fade out with washing within a week. This is such a simple, safe and fun way to change your hair and wow your friends!

Which hair spray dye to choose?

Needless to say, there’s an extremely wide variety to choose from, because there’s a lot of companies that want in on the hair-business. Similary there’s a huge variety of colours to choose from, ranging from pale shades of bright coulours, to neon colours that even light up when under UV light.

Can you dye hair extensions with hair spray dyes?

You can dye human hair extensions with spray dyes, and wash them out rather quickly. When applied to light toned hair such as blone or platinum blonde, it might stain the hair. But otherwise you’re good to go, and can dye the extensions as you please, with the spray hair dye.

Before buying, we do recommend you to check out the allergy advice section on the product, as some ingredients might cause allergic reactions to people with very sensitive skin. Fortunately this kind of dyes aren’t expensive at all, and as mentioned before – there’s a huge choice of products to choose from. This means, that if one brand doesn’t suit you, you can always choose a different kind.

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