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How to make double wefted clip in hair extensions

Have you bought hair extensions that are ridiculously thin, or maybe looking to make yourself clip in hair extensions for less money? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Check out our guide of how to make clip in hair extensions – double wefted!

What you need for hair extensions


There’s a couple of things you will need to sew your hair extensions together: a needle, hair clips, thread and the extension wefts. So let’s get started!

How to make clip in hair extensions

We’ve put together a collection of photos to explain this process better to you, and show how it’s done. We decided to go with black thread, as it stands out more and makes it easier to explain and show you what will the end result really look like.

When it comes to choosing the correct thread, you should choose it as close to the shade of your extensions as possible, because that way the thread will not stand out.
how-to-make-hair-extensions-2Line the hair wefts up with one another.

Place the clip where you want to sew it onto.how-to-make-hair-extensions-4

Thread the needle and place it trough the first hole, then trough the weft. To make the thread stay where it should stay, put the needle trough the end of the tread to form a small knot. That way the threat won’t become loose unexpectedly. how-to-make-hair-extensions-5

Sew the top whole first, going above the weft. You can sew the bottom hole as well on the clip to ensure your clip will stay where it is, but this is purely optional. You can skip it if you think that it will get in the way or look too chunky.how-to-make-hair-extensions-6

To move to the next hole, stick the needle between the two wefts and try to hide it. Move half way trough, and sew the other hole onto both wefts.how-to-make-hair-extensions-7

Place the middle clip onto the wefts, and use the “hiding” tehcnique to get the needle and thread to the next  hole. It’s optional to cut the thread and start again with the next hole, but the majority of people do prefer doing everything with one shot of thread.how-to-make-hair-extensions-8

Here’s a close up shot of the second clip being sewn.how-to-make-hair-extensions-9

Moving onto the second top hole, using the “middle” technique. how-to-make-hair-extensions-10

Be sure to not start from the outside!! Go from the middle to the first top hole, then proceed to sew the top hole.how-to-make-hair-extensions-11

Here’s a close up of the top sewing and how the needle pierces both two wefts, then the clip. Please excuse my golden glitter nail polish.how-to-make-hair-extensions-12

Now as we’re finishing the third clip, we need to close the thread so it won’t start to run again. Pierce the needle trough the weft, and then pull the needle trough the little loop you just created.

By pulling the needle trough the loop, you’re forming a small knot to secure the thread in place. You need to do at least 3-4 of these, and then “hide” the thread.

Here’s the last thread hiding, after doign 4 knots with the needle. That way the thread will not start running, even when it’s moved around.


Last but not least – cut the thread. Cut it as close to the weft as possible without cutting the actual weft. And you’re done!

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