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Fried hair extensions

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression „fried hair extensions“, but what exactly does it mean? How do you even fry your hair extensions? Let’s find out!

How do you fry hair extensions?

Hair extensions tend to become fried when they’re exposed to damaging routines. The hair looks „fried“ when they’re hard to manage, messy, tangled and starting to lose the original shine of the hair. When the hair becomes matte it’s very hard to brush or manage and on many cases it becomes completely worthless.

Human hair extensions were once a part of someone’s hair, but as they were cut off and made into extensions they lost all nutrition flow to it. This is why it’s crucial for you to regularly treat the extensions, moisturizing them with conditioners, hair masks and hair oils, to keep their natural shine and silky feeling.

It’s also important to protect the hair extensions the right way, by using heat protection solutions on them before styling, or before being exposed to any kind of other heat damage (like from the sun). Extensions can be quite fussy when you’re giving them poor care: not brushing them enough or using improper caring products.

Fried hair extensions

The most known example about weather-fried hair extensions would be from Amanda Bynes during 2015 when she didn’t pay much attention to her hair. She had platinum blonde hair extensions installed and due to poor care they turned very matte, messy and looked very tangled. She did have that sorted out later on, as you can see from the published photos.


Hair extensions are human hair that were a part of someone else’s here at one point. Having them exposed to different elements of heat is going to make them behave just like your own hair would, although the end result will be different.

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