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Dread hair extensions

Dread hair extensions can be both human and synthetic, which ones you want to wear depends on how your want your hair to look. We’d recommend synthetic extensions if you want to look more colorful and use vibrant colours. Human dread hair extensions would be better for having a natural look, as if the dreads are your own hair.

How to do dreads with bulk hair

To make dread locks, you can use several different techniques and hair extension types. One of these techniques includes buying bulk hair, such as Kanekalon hair. It’s hair that doesn’t have anything with it to make the attaching quicker, you have to either braid the hair or sew it onto your own hair.

So here’s our guide how to use bulk hair to create dread locks.

Here’s what you need:

  • A fine tooth comb, preferably made of metal
  • One package of 24 inch bulk hair extensions
  • A cloth hanger

Depending on how thick you want your new dreads to look, you have to pick the thickness of the dread. If you make about medium sized dreads which would have the same thickness as a pencil, then you should be able to make about 10-12 long dreads out of one package.

If you want to make medium length dreads, then you should be able to get about 20-25 dreads of out one package. You’d get the best results with short hair, because one package of extensions would give you about 30-40 dreads.

If the dreads you want would be thicker than a pencil, you’re going to need more hair. One package of hair should make you about 6-8 thicker dreads.

Length wise you have a lot of room to play around with. If you’re aiming for long threads then leave the sections just like you first got it.

For about shoulder length dreads you can take the section and cut it in half.

If you want to make short dreads, then pick a section, cut it in half, and after that cut it in half once more, leaving you with much shorter sections.

Making dreads out of hair extensions

Take the hanger and out it trough the back of a chair, where you will hang the hair and dread them. Take a section from the sytnehtic hair and place the midsection over the hanger.

Make sure that both ends are on the same level while hooked around the hanger, by doing this you’ll make sure that the dread looks even.

Take both ends of the hair and tie them into a knot, leaving a loop around the hanger from where your own hair would be going trough.

how-to-do-dreads-1 how-to-do-dreads-2 how-to-do-dreads-3

Take the section and let the back-combing begin. This is something you really need to focus on, because a poorly combed dread will not hold, and most likely fall apart fast. Keep in mind that you cannot over-do this, the more the better.

Start with the top of the section and comb up the hair. On the first time you don’t need to apply much pressure and make it that tight, but make sure that it looks messy.

For the second time, back-comb them much tighter, starting from the top and moving downwards.

When you get close to the ends, some hair are bound to fall out, but this is normal so don’t get worried! You’ll just have to throw those hair out.

You can also use some wax to soothe down and secure the hair.

How to attach dreads to your own hair

To attach the synthetic dreads to your own hair, you’re going to need a few things:

  • Small rubber bands
  • Fine tooth comb
  • The single ended loop dreads
  • A few clips to clip your hair up and out the way

Doing your own dreads might be a bit tricky, but it’s possible. If you can get someone to help you out then you can be sure that it won’t get messy.

The first step is to section your hair properly, dividing it into 4 parts and working with one of those sections at the time.

Take your sectioning comb again and use it to create a half an inch wide row , while clipping the rest of the hair out of the way.

Now you’re going to section out a 0.5 x 0.5 inch squares from that row you just created, and work on that strand of hair. If you expand the squares of hair, picking 1 x 1 inch of hair your dreads will look much thicker.

Take the dread extension, and put the ends of your own hair trough the little loop on the end of the extension. To make this easier, you can twist your own hair beforehand, which makes the process a little less messy.

Pull the dread extension up to your roots and split your own hair in two.

Now you have three strands of hair, and you should start braiding them until your reach to the end of your own hair.

Take a rubber band, and tie down the ends of your own hair to the dread. You can also use thread to do this if you find it to be easier.

Make sure to keep constant tension on the braid, to make the dreads secure and also look cleaner.

So there you have it, that is how you make dreads out of extensions and also how to attach them onto your own hair. If you have any questions you can comment down below, and we’ll respond to you right away. Have fun!

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