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Hair Extension Reviews


Hair extension reviews

Welcome to the Hair-Bun hair hair extension reviews. We’ve listed some of the most famous brands that produce and market hair extensions. Then we purchased their products and evaluated them, writing a review about the extensions right here on Hair-Bun. The main focus area for us to to cover clip in hair extensions, to review the quality, thickness, length and styling of the hair extensions.

We’re also planning to start reviewing other hair extension styles, such as glue in hair extensions, flip ins, micro bead and much more. So stay tuned with us, there will be new posts made almost every week.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are wefts of real human hair or synthetic hair that are attached close to a human’s scalp onto their hair, in order to add more length or volume onto their hair. Using hair extensions has become a very common habit within the last two decades, which has created a great demand for the extensions.

The hair extensions are designed to be discreet and to blend in with your own hair,

How to put in hair extensions?

When you’re looking to have hair extensions installed, you need to make sure what kind of attaching type is the best for you. You can choose to have temporary hair extensions, or semi-permanent hair extensions. Temporary hair extensions are meant to be worn for hours in a day, but semi permanent hair extensions are meant to stay in your hair for a few months.

Another thing you need to think about is if you wish to have the extensions installed by a hairstylist, or to do it yourself. Semi permanent hair extensions require a professional installation, while temporary hair extensions such as clip ins can be easily attached by yourself whenever you wish.

Hair extensions that count as semi permanent are the glue in hair extensions, micro loop hair extensions, weave hair extensions, and tape hair extensions.

The clip in hair extensions are considered as the most popular temporary hair extensions in today’s world.

These were not the only types of hair extensions that are sold but they are the most common ones. You can also purchase hair pieces like ponytail hair extensions if you want to wear your hair up, or bun hair extensions.