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What is a silk press?

If you’ve got curly hair that are difficult to tame, then you’ve probably looked around for ways how to straighten your hair so it would last longer than it usually does. One of the best ways for this is to get a silk press, which is just the improved version of the traditional press and curl. With the traditional method, the comb is warmed up and then used to press your hair straight. But today we’ll talk a bit about the silk press instead.

Check out the video below to see a short clip of how the silk press is done.

Unlike the traditional press, the silk press uses a flat iron and a comb – not a hot one. It makes the hair look as if it has been relaxed and allows the natural hair to fall very straight, while feeling silky, soft and having a lot of body movement to it.

The silk press is meant for only natural hair, because doing it on relaxed hair just damages the hair more, as it’s already straight.  As mentioned, the silk press doesnt use a heated comb like the traditional press and curl. Nowdays the approach involves a hairdryer, flat iron and a comb. The hairstylist applies a light oil serum and infusing moisturizers that are applied to the hair and combed trough, then dried and combed, or flat ironed and combed.

One thing we ask you to pay attention to is the amount of passes the hairstylist will do on your hair while you’re getting a silk press. Any number above five means heavy heat damage to your natural hair texture, which is why it’s best to ask your hairstylist before they get started with your hair. Some products do indeed require more passes than three, but the hairstylist usually knows how many is needed, and has a good explanation ready for you.

You can also do your own silk press at home, but we do reccomend going to a hairstylist who’s specialized in your hair texture. The worst thing that could come out of a silk press is heavy heat damage to your hair. On the first three days your hair look beautiful and feel silky, but then they’ll turn crispy and feel like hay. One of the most vital signs of heat damage hair is the missing texture. By that we mean that your

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