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Stylish hair colours of 2016

During the 90’s having a colourful shade of hair would make some people think that the person is a rebel who wants to stand out. Having colourful hair at 2016 makes people think you have style, class and elegance. So what are the hair colours that you can wear and look classy and stylish? Let’s get to it.

Pastel hari colors

Pastel colours are extremely in fashion as we speak. You can choose any colour on the rainbow and dye your hair into a pastel shade of it, and it will look classy. Most popular shades are pastel purple, pink and blue.

You can also try pastel ombres, which is also equally as intriguing.

Pastel hair tones

New ombre lengths

It’s true that the dip dye hair has been in style for a longer time now, but what has been emerging among celebrities is the short ombres. Having a lovely light brown to blonde ombre hair with some wave to it can look absolutely stunning and gorgeous in many environments: at school, work or at a big event.

Another ombre look to consider is having natural roots and dyeing the ends of the hair silver, pastel purple or turquoise. Either way you will stand out from the crowds in a positive way.

Short Ombre hair

Silver hair

Gray hair was used to seen as a sign of old age but this has been completely turned around. Silver hair as been brought into fashion by celebrity hairstylists, and it’s been shown off in all shapes and sizes. From long silver hair to short silver hair, not to mention the variety of styles you can wear with them.

But you can add your own twist to this and try out the silver ombre hair instead. The most common silver ombre is the black to silver hairstyle, yet you can always make it personal and choose something else that you like.

Natural shades

If you’ve thought about growing your hair out then now’s the time to do it. Having natural hair tones is in fashion in several different styles. If you cannot be bothered with growing your hair out, then you can also try dyeing them in a shade that is close to your natural hair colour. It saves you time and also gives you instant results.

Natural hair tones


Any shade of red, especially dark auburn tones will be hot this year. It gives your hair a more of an elegant look, while keeping the shade’s depth and dimensions. You can also try more vibrant reds, brighter tones or pastel tones.


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