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How to grow hair back after hair loss

There’s thousands of people out there looking for what causes hair loss for them, and how to treat this issue. Having your hair thinning out, or losing them can completely break your confidence and drag your down. This is why we’ve listed a few things to explain hair loss for you, and also alternative treatments that you can do, or foods that you can eat in order to make your hair grow faster.

What causes hair loss

The main cause of hair loss is stress. Hair loss can also be caused by illnesses, birth control, unhealthy lifestyles and traumas. Here’s a few ideas what could be causing hair loss for you:

Itchy scalp hair loss

Having hair loss and an itchy scalp could indicate that something is taking a toll on your health. A very common issue occurs with kidneys and liver acting up, for which you need to see a medical professional, such as a dermatologist (a skin doctor) or a general practician. As a hint, I can tell you that this could be a very common case of a kidney infection.

From personal experience, it was hell to keep scratching my already balding head up to the point it was sore from scratching, but it kept itching despite that. Other symptoms of a kidney infection can also show as frequent urinating, fever, mid-back or lower-back pain, very strong smell of urine, and pain when you urinate. At early stages you might dismiss the back pain as stress or just over-working yourself, so pay very close attention to it.

Birth control hair loss

Contraceptives do cause hair loss, especially if you’re stuck with something that you cannot remove from your body, such as the contraceptive implant that is inserted under your skin for 3 years.

Talking from personal experience, the top of my head started to clear out of hair at age 23 while using the implant contraceptive. My dermatologist came to the rescue with prescribing me a hormonal solution, which made my hair grow back within a month. They didn’t grow back overnight of course but I began seeing little sprouts of hair, which currently are 4-5 inches long.

Hair extension hair loss

One thing that is known for causing hair loss is hair extensions. They apply weight onto your own hair, ending up pulling a few strands out with every time that you use them. While with clip ins you need to be a little cautious, then with micro link or keratin hair extensions we recommend seeing a professional.
Micro loop hair extensions get extremely heavy when wet, and your hair is at its weakest point when it’s wet. This is why pulling on your hair after a shower is a terrible idea.

Supplements for reducing hair loss

What is hair made out of? Keratin. You can take Keratin supplements to boost hair growth, but there is a RISK FACTOR for this. While you take keratin supplements, you have to remember that your own body never stopped making keratin as well, and if you overdose with keratin, then it can damage your kidneys. This is why you need to read labels and follow the daily recommended dosage instructions carefully.

Another supplements you can try is collagen, biotin and fish oil. Again you need to watch how much and what you take, because overdosing with any of them (or all of them) can attack your liver and kidneys. When buying any of these, consult with a pharmacist or your doctor to clarify if your body is good with taking those supplements.

Generally I would recommend buying them from known sources, not from an online seller who cannot give a good description of what they’re selling.

What can you do to cover hair loss

The one thing that you can do to cover up hair loss immediately is to wear head scarves or hats. You can also look into getting yourself a wig, although you might find this upsetting. But let’s see the bright side about wigs here: you tuck your hair under it, and wear a hat.. A hat that’s made of hair.

While you wear a wig, your own hair gets a rest. They can go on a vacation from styling, products, weather damage and frequent washing. Your hair will love your for it!

How to prevent hair loss

If you’re someone who wears a lot of products in your hair, hair extensions or maybe someone who finds themselves in a constant stress, then you need to change your habits. Number one cause of hair loss is STRESS. Non-stop worrying, moodiness and generally being upset will damage your nerves, which will show as your hair. The only way is to find the sources of stress and also treat them accordingly.

You need to learn to take time for yourself, whether you have children, a partner or pets – You need to put yourself first for a while.

Do what you want, sit down, watch your favorite shows and have a cup of tea. Worrying about this will make it show more.

Medical help

While there’s countless of things that you can do on your own to improve your hair growth, nothing beats seeing a professional. Regarding medical help, your dermatologist could help you with prescribing steroid/hormone based solutions, that will jump start your hair growth. You can also ask them about if there’s anything else you can try, and if Rogaine is suitable for you.

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