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How to go natural with your hair

When you’ve got a very strong curl to your hair that you’ve had texturized or relaxed a couple of times then you might consider going natural.

Here we’re going to explain what is “going natural”, why you should do it and how to make the process faster for you, without having any hick ups.

What does going natural mean?

“Going natural” with your hair means that you would stop all treatments that would alter your hair chemically or permanently such as perming, relaxing or having your hair texturized. It’s called transitioning into natural hair, letting your hair grow out and cutting off the chemically altered hair over time. The natural curl in your hair will grow as it wishes, without any products in or on the hair that would change it.

What is considered as the NOT natural treatments?

There are only 3 things you need to avoid in order to go natural.

  • Relaxing – a chemical treatment for hair that straightens the hair and changes the natural curl.
  • Perming – a chemical treatment that changes straight hair into a stronger curl.
  • Texturizing – a treatment for hair that loosens tight curls.

How to go natural

To go natural with your hair, you need to keep visiting the hair stylist every now and then in order to trim off the chemically treated ends which will be covered up by the natural hair.

Having your ends trimmed regularly will also make your own hair grow faster. Of course you can always do this at home by yourself, but you have to take in consideration that you might not be able to do the job equally all around your head. Some of the shorter hair won’t get a trim and there will be a significant length difference in a long run.

Can you dye hair and still call it natural?

You can dye your hair and call it natural unless it’s bleaching. Bleaching your hair weakens the hair texture and changes the natural curl pattern, which goes against “going natural”.

If you want to dye your hair naturally, you can consider chalk, Kool Aid, food coloring or henna. These are just some of the few ways how to dye your hair in a natural way.

Can you wear a weave or hair extensions?

Yes you can, wearing a weave means your own hair will be braided and hidden away from any damage or treatments. That doesn’t get in the way with going natural at all.

It’s the same with hair extensions; you can straighten your hair and wear hair extensions. Going with clip in extensions is the best way to do it, for an example micro link hair extensions would get too heavy for the hair and start breaking it. With semi permanent hair extensions there’s always the danger of your own hair being pulled out by accident.

Can you straighten natural hair?

It’s completely okay to straighten your natural hair. It still counts as “going natural” because you’re only changing your hairstyle for a day without hurting the natural curl pattern. Just make sure to avoid any heat damage due to the straightening by using a heat protection spray.

Why you should go natural with your hair?

The best thing that you will gain from this is stronger, healthier hair that grows faster than before. It’s true that having your hair chemically altered (perming, bleaching, relaxing) slows down the growth of the hair, because it’s a bit traumatic to your scalp and the hair follicles.

I’ve read so many stories of women who have grown longer hair when having their hair relaxed, although I found that going natural was the best choice for me personally. My hair was very thin and weak due to being relaxed regularly for years which is why I decided to try going natural.

By choosing to go natural you will give yourself more liberty hair wise. While permed or relaxed your hair prevents you from doing some activities with the fear of ruining your hair, and the work you’ve put into it. With natural hair you don’t need to think about these things, all you need to do is wear something that looks good on you and go out. Your hair won’t need as much attention and care as before, and that alone gives you so much more freedom to do whatever you wish.

Your budget will recover as well, as you won’t need to go to a hairstylist as often like you did before. With natural hair all you need to do is get the ends trimmed once in two months.

Keeping your hair moisturised

A classical treatment that you can try is using coconut oil masks on your hair. There are no additional chemicals in coconut oil and you can do it by yourself at home.

Coconut oil locks moisture into your hair, making it shiny and healthy. You can use coconut oil by applying it onto the ends of the hair, or perhaps do a deep conditioning treatment overnight. Either way your hair will thank you for this.

If you want to read more about coconut oil then you can check out Hair-Bun’s Coconut oil for hair article.

It’s your choice how you wish to go natural

There’s many different opinions out there in the world about what makes your hair natural and what doesn’t. Some say dyeing is one step too far, while other say that applying heat is crossing the limit.

My opinion is that the choice is yours. Let your hair grow out healthy, take care of it and look good. Whether you want to dye it or straighten it, it’s all up to you what’s allowed and what’s not.

Going natural is a big commitment of changing habits and routines, and embracing the new you even when you don’t like your current hair-do. The first few months are the hardest to go through, because the hair have gotten used to being treated chemically but after that you will start seeing the brighter side of it.

When your natural hair has grown out but you still have droopy-looking ends from being relaxed, tie them in a bun and out the way. You can also try to curl them naturally without applying any heat on the hair.

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