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How to dye your hair with chalk

Dyeing your hair with chalk is so much fun, because you can literally dye your hair in the whole rainbow spectre, and wash it out the same evening. The chalk dye usually lasts for about 1 day in your hair, after which you can wash it out with an ease. It works on both dark and light hair, achieving a fun new look for a short time. Here’s our guide how to dye your hair with chalk.

Is dyeing your hair with chalk safe?

Yes it is, it does not damage your hair. It’s a fun, temporary way to change your hair colour for a day, or just try something new by giving yourself a makeover.

How to dye your hair with chalk

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Colourful chalk
  • Cups and water
  • Preferably a spray bottle of water
  • A brush

Prepare a few small cups of water, for you to dip your chalks into. Using only one cup won’t cut it, because mixing the colours might not be a good idea.

Take a strand of your hair and twist it around, this helps the chalk to release the colour and pigment more easier.

Spray the hair with the water, or if you don’t have a spray bottle – just wet your hair with your hands.

Apply the chalk to the hair, starting from the top and moving down towards the ends of the hair.

Let the hair dry.

Be sure to use a bristle brush to brush out any extra chalk powder, so your hair wouldn’t look odd after the dye job

Dyeing blonde hair with chalk

If you have blonde hair, doesn’t matter if its natural blonde or dyed blonde, DO NOT wet the hair nor the chalk before dyeing. We do not reccoment doing this, because adding water to a pure pigment creates an actual dye which will stay in your hair for a longer duration of time.
If you like the idea of keeping the colour for a longer time until it fades out with washes – go for it!

Dyeing dark hair with chalk

Trying to tone any darker tone into a colourful tone can prove itself to be a bit of a challenge. In order to achieve the colour and depth you want, you must use water on both your hair and the chalk. By doubling the colour pigments, you’ll get the dye to show up much easier and it won’t stain your hair.

Dyeing red hair with chalk

If your hair tone isn’t quite dark nor light, but something in between like red, green or turquoise blue, then the amount of water you need to use is relatively little.

So there you go, have fun trying out your new look!


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