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How to dye your hair rainbow colours

Whether you wish to dye your hair rainbow colours or maybe just a soft pastel tone, it can become quite a handful to achieve. If your hair are naturally coloured darker, then you have even more work cut out for you, since you most likely have to bleach your hair beforehand applying the brighter colour. This is needless to say the biggest mistake people make with dyeing their hair.

Preparations before dyeing your hair

Before dyeing your hair, you need to treat them the proper way in order to avoid damaging your hair. The bleaching process will suck out all the moisture in your hair, so you have to be prepared to tackle that straight away, so you could rescue your hair before it’s too late.

Coconut oil treatment for hair

Is coconut oil good for your hair? Yes! Coconut oil is amazing when it comes to your hair. What it does is that it locks moisture into your hair, preparing the hair for bleaching, or then you can use the oil as a regular treatment just to nurture your hair back to life. When you look at a jar of coconut oil, it looks like a solid, white lump of candle wax. Take about a spoonful, heat it up until it melts into liquid, and then apply it to your hair and scalp. For best results, try the overnight treatments. This would mean applying the coconut oil onto your hair, wrapping your hair in plastic wrap and then a towel, and hitting the sack. In the morning all you have to do is wash it out, shampoo and condition your hair. It will look like your hair were reborn; healthy, strong and beautiful.

Coconut Oil for hair

Coconut oil is famous for the effect that it has on hair, but do you know the full extent of what benefits it offers? We’ve gathered information and a bit of personal experience, then listed them here to satisfy your curiosity.

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Bleaching your hair

Bleaching hair is more than a simple process, the dangers of it is that you can damage your hair so badly that they will start to fall out. To avoid that and also to explain how to bleach your hair, we’ve put together an article about everything regarding of bleaching your hair.

If you’re really afraid of doing this on your own, you can also pay a visit to an hairstylist who’s familiar with dyeing hair with Olaplex. Olaplex is a miraculous treatment for your hair, that revives dead hair, prevents damage and heals the hair from the roots to the ends.

How to bleach your hair

Bleaching hair and hair extensions is everything but easy, especially when you’ve got dark hair and decide to dye them blonde, the first option that you probably think of is bleaching. What some people don’t know is that bleaching is a little bit like playing with fire – you could get burned and trust me, it would hurt.

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Hair dye options

If you want to apply a brighter tone to your hair you have a big selection to choose from. First things first, do you want your hair dye to be permanent, semi  permanent or just a toner?

Permanent hair dye

This is a general box dye you can get from almost any store around you. They’re permanent, because they fade very little, and it’s impossible to wash them out. The only way to „remove“ a permanent hair dye is to use a colour remover (this is almost like bleach), or just apply another dye over them.

To get the best results you should consider seeing your hairstylist.

Semi Permanent hair dye

These dyes are called semi permanent, because they last relatively long, but wash out over time. The most common semi permanent hair dyes are the Manic Panic hair dye collection and Kool Aid hair dye. Manic Panic colours are very widely used and also recommended for bright, stylish dye jobs. Kool Aid hair dye is naturally made of the Kool Aid powder drink, which is why it’s also considered as safe for hair.

One day hair dyes

If you’re looking for a bright colour to last just for a day, then you should consider dyeing your hair with chalk. Chalk dyeing is very simple, inexpensive and most of all fun! You can wash the colour our the same day whenever you wish, and dye your hair again the following day.

How to dye your hair with chalk

Dyeing your hair with chalk is so much fun, because you can literally dye your hair in the whole rainbow spectre, and wash it out the same evening. The chalk dye usually lasts for about 1 day in your hair, after which you can wash it out with an ease. It works on both dark and light hair, achieving a fun new look for a short time. Here’s our guide how to dye your hair with chalk.

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Dyeing your hair rainbow colours

Now as you’ve picked yourself a colour or colours that you want to dye your hair with, let’s get started! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Bowl/bowls to mix the dye in
  • Conditioner
  • Dye brush or then just your hands
  • Gloves that actually fit your hands (most box dye gloves are enormous)
  • Vaseline (if you’re dyeing roots)
  • Fine tooth comb

Spread the hair dyes into separate bowls, and add some hair conditioner into both of them – until they both look to have a creamy consistency.

Next thing you want to do is get your gloves on because these dyes are extremely staining, to both clothes and your skin. This is why you should also look out where you apply your dye. If you decide to dye your roots, then touching your forehead with the dye could leave colorful stains on your skin, that take times to get rid of. To avoid this, apply Vaseline on your forehead, ears and behind the ears. By doing that you’ll avoid staining the skin near your hairline.

Section your hair and begin applying the dye on the areas you want them to be. If you’re dip dyeing your hair then make sure to tie your hair in sections using hair bands. The Ombre hair effect length completely depends on where you wan it to start from.

Blending the Ombre hair effect

If you’re using more than one hair dye at the time, then you have to pay attention to blending the dyes.  The trick to this is using a fine tooth comb, to comb one colour into the other one, or in case of trying to achieve the dip dye hair effect – comb the dye a little bit upwards. This gives the hair a slight blending effect, making it look that the Ombre hair effect doesn’t have a sharp cut, but a soft edge that blends into a stronger colour.

Aftercare for your rainbow dye job

To maintain your new hair colour for a longer time, be sure to wash your hair with cold water. The cold water helps your freshly dyed hair to maintain the tone, and keep it from washing out. Using hot water would result with the colour fading out faster.

It’s suggested to try to treat the ends of your hair with coconut oil again, to keep them from drying out and looking like a frizzy hot mess.

Use heat protection! After a dyeing like that, your hair need some tender caring and love. Be sure to use heat protection sprays or oils before you style them – or dry. It prevents any unnecessary heat damage.

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