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Elumen hair dye

Ever wanted to dye your hair in a very bright and unique shade, that will not wash out within weeks? This is what Elumen hair dyes are made for – they’re semi-permanent hair colors that are oxidant-free, yet very high performance. Having your hair dyed with Elumen hair colours will make them look as if they’ve been touched up with PhotoShop, although in reality they have not.

What are Elumen hair colours?

The benefits of using Elumen hair colors by Goldwell, is that it eluminates the hair from inside out to achieve and intense result. Elumen hair colours are used by professional hairstylist, but is also sold online. We do not reccommend you to use it by yourself at home, as  it takes a lot of skill to measure out the right amounts of the product, according to your current hair colour and length.

The pro of using Elumen hair colours is that your hair will be extremely healthy, yet have a bright, beautiful shade. Your hair will shine exceptionally and the dye itself once applied has a remarkable durability, which means that it cannot be washed out, nor will it dull over time.

If you don’t know, then there’s two types of hair dyes: the ones that contain oxidatives and are called permanent hair dyes, and the ones that do not contain oxidatives and are called temporary hair dyes.

Elumen hair dyes are located between these two options, as it contains a low pH level, which doesn’t swell  the shaft of the hair, therefore causing much less damage. Although due to this, it doesn’t completely penetrate the hair strand as a permanent haircolour would, which means that it will still wash out – just in a much longer run.

Why to choose Elumen?

  • Least damaging way to dye your hair bright
  • Oxidant-free
  • Long lasting

How to remove Elumen hair dye from hair?

When you’ve used any shade of pink or red to dye your hair, you have a real challenge at your hands. Elumen hair dyes are hard to remove, if not even possible. Do not try to remove them or colorcorrect them at home, as it might cost the health of your hair. Best way to have it removed is to ask help from a hairstylist, and have them perform the procedure.

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