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Colour changing hair dye

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your hair dyed blue, but when they get exposed to warmth, they turn green? Back in the day such a thing wouldn’t be possible, but we’re happy to announce, that there’s a way to do it now! Here’s everything you want to know.

What are thermal hair colours?

The thermal hair dye is a new invention, invented by Lauren Bowker and it’s offically called „The Unseen“. The dye is supposed to wash out after a few washes, but before that.. It’s amazing! Bowker has also posted several videos about this, showing how the colour takes effect and what colours you can expect, and it was released on the February 2017 London Fashion week!

But so far even our websites attempts to get hold of the product have been fruitless, because it’s not yet for sale. We tried to get the hold of their homepage and Facebook correspondents, but they have not responded to our questions.

When we looked around for the use and safety information of Fire – The Unseen, we only found basic information that speculated that the dye is safe to use, and doesn’t necessarily need a professional to apply it.


As Bowker said herself, the dye uses “less toxic” materials to minimize the damage to your scalp and hair. So in theory, it should not be any more harmful than the hair dye you can buy at the shop.  As all new products, they need to go trough several safety tests before they can be released for the public, which is also why the product is not for sale yet.

But what are the options you have with this hairdye? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a colour changing ombre effect? Or perhaps have your hair turn from platinum blonde to blue according to the temperature you’re surrounded by? Needless to say, does it only work on real hair, or maybe even hair extensions?

We’re yet to see how far this can be taken, but one thing is sure – it’s a revolutionary product, and we’re all waiting for it to be released!

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