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The best hair brushes and detanglers

Is your old hairbrush withered and you want to change it for a new one? Mine is, which is why i decided to put together a list of different brushes, that can detangle long hair, and also look cute while getting the job done. Let’s get started!

natura-detangling-brush-massageThe Neverland natural bamboo hair brush

This brush not only looks good, but also promises to give a good scalp massage while in use. The handle has a wooden pattern and the pins are held up by a cushion. While getting your hair detangled and brushed out, the hairbrush gives you a scalp massage and improves the blood circulation, which in it’s own turn promotes natural hair growth.

straightening-hair-brushThe ACEVIVI ceramic hair straightener styling brush

Want to try something new? Why not this anti static styling brush, which is inexpensive and also straightens your hair out while you’re using it? It can heat up to 365℉, and yes, the heat can be regulated!

detangling-combHyoujin wide tooth haircomb

Or perhaps you’re tired of brushes and want to try out a comb? Why not this Hyoujin hair comb, which also massages your scalp and improves the blood circulation. This wide-tooth comb can be ordered in several different shapes as well. If you like to comb your hair straight when they’re damp and lathered in hair masks, then this is the right comb for you.

purest-detangling-hair-brushPurest Natural Chrome detangling hairbrush

This hairbrush claims to be the best detangler on the market so far, and it also says it’s approved by professionals. It’s designed to specifically work it’s magic on the most difficult types of hair, detangling them without causing any damage. It’s meant for all hair types: curly, straight, fine, long, short or damaged hair. The best part about it is the soft bristles, which prevent you from ripping out hair that are stuck. It also comes in three shades of chrome: gold, pink and white.

detangling-bristle-brushThe professional detangling boar bristle hair brush

These kinds of hairbushes have been around for centuries, which should shed some light on how reliable they can be. The brush has natural and fine boar bristles that give your hair amazing benefits. It’s also anti static and gives your scalp a great massage.

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